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So its quite early in expansion, but i am sure we aready have a lot of FOTM and class fact i think its getting hardcore.

What you people think are the FOTM classes, that are most "respected" by community and generally wanted. Let it be truly good or falsely.

And what classes are shunned generally. Or specifically. Like i hear Warlocks even get instakicked from mythics (what a real shame of community and most of all Blizzard)
Do share your opinion : are they shunned for a real reason, or its just sheep mentality?
Let me just get this out there - no warlock is getting insta-kicked from a dungeon just because they're a warlock. And if they are, then that is an amazingly !@#$ty group leader that has no knowledge of the potential of classes and are going by the amount of warlocks letting themselves fall into a victim role, which also leads me to my second point.

Mostly, people making threads like "I constantly get declined because i am a warlock" needs to understand that it's not so much them getting declined because they're a warlock, it's them getting declined because they're DD's.

If anything, the warlock community has made a self-fulfilling prophecy with their often times nonsensical doomsaying.
Oddly enough, i dont feel there is one?
Was DH, but after the nerf they are fine.
I guess Fire Mage?

Artifact weapon really fixed the FotM reroll and whining i think.
We only hate ANTI-FotM ie frost DK and Frost mage.

Else everyone would be rollin shaman
Mages and hunters are safe bets, and will always have at least one spec each that's strong and wanted. Rogue if you want to play melee.

Less so would be priests(any spec) and dps shamans.
Enh shammy seem to be rolling out the numbers at the mo
14/10/2016 16:11Posted by Illadinxx
Enh shammy seem to be rolling out the numbers at the mo

This for high end pvp / pve Encha shammies just seem to be out of the roof at the moment, so nerfs will be hitting them soon.

For Mythic dungeons, I'd says Demon hunters, WW monks , Fire Mage , Fury warriors and hunters seem to be doing really good from the dps pov (I've done so many M+ for ap on several characters so this much I know :D).

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