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30/10/2016 03:23Posted by Greatharambe
Servers back up!

It's more like: Servers are coming up!!! Wait few more minutes
wieee so are we all happy pandas now?! ^_- who says b..chng doesnt work ^_^
30/10/2016 03:20Posted by Diablesa
30/10/2016 03:18Posted by Truebrit
has anybody seen any official post from blizz saying whats going on ???

Nope not even a notification or a note about ETA and such they just shut it and all silent mode.. well even though it is a given thing that they would say " we are aware of the issue and we are investigating" always

Don't lie. The BNET client has said "All realms will be restarted shortly to pick up a hotfix. An in-game notice will be given 15 minutes prior to the restarts. Thank you for your patience." for a few hours now.
Go watch worlds :3
they should write that some how to warn people earlier before , Its just retard to shut down the server meanwhile lots of people were doing dungeons and stuff ....
My time tonight was wasted because as we stood to fight the final boss, we got the warning. A whole evening, spent clearing, to finally face the boss. And one message broke our collective spirit.
No post on so far.

As stated in the 'breaking news' it will be a realm restart. Usually a realm restart is 15-30 minutes.

Ninjaedit while typing: realms are up again

Ninjaquestion: What do they call Peter Pan in Asia?
Peter Wok
Outland the same
'It's working now' isn't enough. I spent 4+ hours in Kara to lose a group at the final boss.
30/10/2016 03:13Posted by Nard
30/10/2016 03:09Posted by Hatsune

This doesn't make any sense.
If it wasn't planned, then the time wasn't chosen, moot point.
If it was planned, then it needed to be announced (and possibly done at the usual time, like 5).

So yeah, just an excuse to whine about whiners?

Put the Coffee down, back away from the keyboard... go outside and smell the roses.

I am now in western Africa, Out of Nuachokt in sahara desert i have no !@#$ing roses here only hot, dust and sand.
30/10/2016 03:32Posted by Aendra
'It's working now' isn't enough. I spent 4+ hours in Kara to lose a group at the final boss.
And now, we can't get back to where we were. Wonderful.

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