Deluded recruiting for Mythic

Alonsus / Anachronos / Kul Tiras
<Deluded> 7/7 HC currently, are recruiting. We are a fun raiding guild based on the realm Anachronos EU. We provide a chilled and humorous atmosphere while getting the job done. We are a bunch of friends that met in game and help each other to enjoy the best WoW experience possible.

Many of the guild members have stuck around for years and have spent many hours in each other’s company. We love to have a laugh in and out of raids, if that's what you enjoy this may be a perfect new home for you!

Aims -

We aim to progress through mythic at a decent pace while enjoying ourselves along the way keeping relatively high on the realm rankings.

We ended WoD at 13/13M and are currently 7/7HC, but lack regular people each week which hinders our progression into Mythic EN. Having to pug 4-6 people is like starting all over again...

Currently recruiting: Dps (ranged pref)
We are currently recruiting ranged DPS for mythic raiding and looking forward to Legion, but any and all applicants will be considered.

Raid times:
3 nights a week
(Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday) 21:00 - 00:00 Realm time

We expect good punctuality and attendance but we realize real life comes first so attendance can’t be 100%. We expect raiders to update us on punctuality issues on our guild facebook page or to let an officer know ahead of raid time.

We use the addon RClootCouncil to manage loot and we use a loot council structure where we distribute gear to best benefit the guild as a whole.

We don’t use a formal application, applying is as easy as dropping us a message in game or here on the forum. Whisper or ingame mail - Chubbz, Liviel, Constantia, Jénná, Arano, Fleeg or any member for more details.

We will get back to you and hopefully talk about trialing.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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