Varians Sword colour change.

27/10/2016 19:02Posted by Cascade
27/10/2016 18:47Posted by Belfara

It's not the former, it's probably the latter.

Besides, what kind of hint is that? Oh cool, one of Varian's sword is red in a pointless loading screen, it totally means he is now alive despite all evidence pointing towards the complete opposite.

Varians life is bound by the two swords.

His soul was split and those swords Shalamayne held him together as long as they were bound.

In the fight on the lost shore, Varian split the swords there by splitting his soul and during the cinematic we see varian killed but only one of his swords losing it's power.

You could extrapolate from this that one half of Varians soul is still alive.

just a theory though nothing more.

love this theory, never considered it but it totally makes an odd kind of sense!
28/10/2016 19:34Posted by Foxierowan
love this theory, never considered it but it totally makes an odd kind of sense!

It's a theory that could in a way allow Varian to reappear but he would not be suitable to retake the throne after the fact.

Probably cause more problems than he would solve tbh.

Ellemayne and Shalla'tor, are the names of the 2 swords in question.

Varian's soul was split in 2 by Onyxia, then when the 2 Varian's were fighting Onyxia they bound the swords together in Onyxia's magic and merged the souls again.

The other part of my theory comes from the cinematic, When we see Varian explode we don't see what is left afterwards, Was the other Varian left in his place? Perhaps that explains the odd look on Gul'dans face.

Anyway it does give an opening to have him of all characters return.

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