Updates from @WarcraftDevs Patch 7.1 & 7.1.5

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Hotfix notes have been updated with several bugfixes that have been applied since 7.1 release:

Trying to use Tab Scan (Hold), but it doesn't seem to be working in 7.1. No addons active either when I tested it.

Tab Scan was accidentally disabled when we reverted Tab Targeting logic to pre-7.0 status. Working on a hotfix to re-enable it.

did 4 bosses in karazhan yesterday, come back today with same group - have to re-kill all 4 bosses. Intended?

Not intended. You should be able to resume Karazhan like you might a Normal or Heroic raid. We’re investigating.

any plans on allowing people 2k+ to purchase the pvp elite set for transmog? maybe just a cosmetic version of it?

We're considering options to allow players with the appropriate rating to purchase Elite transmog sets, after that season has concluded.

Not getting credit for killing Shar'thos the first time, keep having to kill twice to get WQ credit. Frustrating.

We've narrowed down what's causing this issue and are working on a hotfix to resolve it (and similar issues).

Why? That Emissary is very useful for focusing on Rep's that aren't at exalted yet?

(in regards to Kirin Tor World Quests being less common in Patch 7.1)

We think they're great quests, but don't want to over-do it and make players tired of them; there's a lot of Legion left!

Shadow priests drop insanity randomly , frustrating

We're still investigating what's actually causing this bug to occur, but hope to have a fix as quickly as possible.

The hotfix (mentioned in the Q&A) to remove the sound from Quick Join notifications should now be live!

We've applied a hotfix that should correct the issue preventing world boss World Quests from properly completing.

if we already killed the World Boss should we just kill it again if we didn't get original credit?

Yep! You'll still get credit for the World Quest even if you've already killed the world boss this week.

So, when will u guys increase the drop chance of the WW hidden artifact? No drop, running the scenario since launch

A future patch will add a form of bad luck prevention to this and similar "hidden" Artifact Appearances.

Kirin Tor WQs popped for EU this evening... without the emissary quest, intended? If not.. better keep the quests? ^^

Intended, yes! Kirin Tor world quests may now appear without the Emissary being active.

Class updates for Patch 7.1.5 are still in progress, with much more to come. Please keep that in mind if you're looking at datamining.

Can we get bg Merc mode back? Horde BG queues are starting to suck. Also need a 3rd blacklist option 4 sota

We've fixed a bug preventing the Mercenary NPCs from spawning. They can be found just down the stairs to the Dalaran Underbelly when active.

When players see a 1-2 day ban for exploiting a bug, and the gains from it aren't removed, good players will do it in future.

We'll be removing the AP earned from those who excessively abused this exploit.

We've just applied a hotfix that allows you to turn in the Kirin Tor Emissary Quest as long as you've completed 1 Kirin Tor World Quest.

Note that the UI may show inconsistent information, but you'll be able to complete the Emissary Quest anyway by heading to Dalaran.

CORRECTION: You do not need to have completed a Kirin Tor World Quest - just go pick up your bag!

For clarity, this is a temporary solution to a problem we will be solving properly before the Kirin Tor emissary comes up again. :)

If your character hadn't already logged in once while the Kirin Tor Emissary was active, you'll need to relog again for credit.

Question! Are we meant to gain the bonuses for traits purchased after the initial 34? (For DPS, Stam still increases, etc.)

Yep! As of Patch 7.1, the passive bonuses increase beyond the 34th trait. Tooltip will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

Im experiencing the bug where insanity drains during void torrent and dispersion on like every pull right now. please fix fast

We're working on a hotfix for this issue and hope to resolve it ASAP.

Hotfix notes have been updated for Nov 29, including several bugfixes and some adjustments to the Shade of Xavius:


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