Updates from @WarcraftDevs Patch 7.1 & 7.1.5

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the "Like the Wind" WQs are just so annoying. Latency above 50ms and it'll be impossible to complete....

We've made some adjustments to these quests to improve overall responsiveness and gameplay for players with high latency.

Ferals losing their 2 charges of Survival Instincts? :(
Let's take a look at the feral t19 set too, it really isn't good.

The datamined change to Survival Instincts is just a tooltip bug - it will still have two charges.

The datamined change to the increased mana costs from Arcane Charges is also a tooltip bug; it will remain at a 125% increase per charge.

Hotfix now live: Flag carriers should once again correctly take increased damage in Battlegrounds via Focused Assault and Brutal Assault.

so with the 2k players getting a vendor for their gear appearances, what about the non 2k players? do we get a vendor also?

Yep! All players will be able to purchase the non-Elite Season 1 & 2 set with Marks of Honor once Season 2 concludes.

Hotfix now live: Damage dealt by Hyrja's Shield of Light (Odyn encounter) has been significantly reduced in Normal and Heroic Trial of Valor

Additionally, we've reduced the health of several enemies from Phase 2 of the Helya encounter in Normal and Heroic Trial of Valor.

Some insight on secondary stats in Patch 7.1.5, the changes you're seeing, and the changes you haven't seen yet:

[PTR] Legendary Flaskataur is up, if you want to take the latest legendaries and set pieces for a spin in Nighthold (also open)!

probably a silly question. But will my honor talents reset at the end of season? Will I have to grind them again?

Honor talents will not be reset. There will, however, be new Prestige levels to earn!

Are the Prestige PvP mounts going away with the season?

Nope! The current Prestige mounts will still be obtainable in Season 2.

Someone said that in PvP only the first 34 weap ranks unlocked count, not the bonus ranks but don't see that in blue post? T or F?

This is correct. Ranks 35+ do not apply in PvP instances.

When you switch factions, is it 50 wins in the bracket you want the title in or 50 wins in either 2v2 3v3 or RBGs

50 wins in the specific bracket.

hey team. I was wondering, is there an issue with the PVP world quests? I haven’t gotten warden towers in 2 resets.

There may be a bug here - we're investigating.

Does PVP template works on damage of weapons too or is the template only for stats? (meaning do I have to get relics or not)

Artifact Relics still contribute to your average item level, which increases your stats in Battlegrounds, Arenas, and Ashran.

Will your current prestige rank reset, or will you just continue prestiging the new levels?

Prestige ranks will not reset. If you're already at max Prestige, you'll be able to immediately move on to the new ranks.

Nazak The Fiend WQ up, intended before reset or no?

This is intended, yes. This world boss activates independently of the main weekly rotation.

New Prestige levels didn't go live with the new season. Still at "Max Honor Level." Bug or intentional?

Bug. We're working on a hotfix to enable them for NA/ANZ, and they will be enabled for season rollover in other regions.

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