Updates from @WarcraftDevs Patch 7.1 & 7.1.5

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Why does BMs final trait only boost pet damage by 5% when all other classes boost ALL damage by 5%?

It's actually 5% to all damage, the tooltip is just incorrect (until Patch 7.1.5)

We'll be re-evaluating the Legion Season 1 PvP ladders and redistributing rewards. Details: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17614674921?page=4#post-79

I like the 7.1.5 change to give alts Artifact Knowledge. Any plans to give double legendary equip sooner? The 40+ days sucks.

Yep! We'll be reducing the time it takes to complete Order Hall research in Patch 7.1.5.

If our main has 25 AK does this mean our alts can purchase up to 20 AK or is it 15 in 7.1.5?

Characters with Level 25 Artifact Knowledge will be able to get their alts to Level 20.

do we have to complete the 7.1 Suramar content to enter nighthold?

No, there's no attunement for The Nighthold.

do we still need to complete 'the Fallen Star' Illidan quest line to upgrade our legendaries?

We're not entirely sure how this rumor got started, but it's false - the 7.1.5 Legendary upgrades are not connected to the Illidan chain.

Note: When Patch 7.1.5 is applied, the active World Quests will change. Make sure you've completed any high-priority WQ's before the patch!

Senior Game Designer Paul Kubit will be answering your questions live on Twitch this Thursday! Details here:

Paul's areas of expertise are Professions, Timewalking, Micro-Holidays & Brawler's Guild. Submit questions on those topics with #LegionQA!

Fire Mage shows 27% damage aura in patch notes, up from 15%. That is INSANE, kills Arcane competitively. Is this correct? TY.

That number includes individual adjustments that weren't part of the aura (but affected the same spells). Unchanged from the latest PTR.

Grim o Syn now 35%, was 40%. Patch notes typo? Its 25% on ptr. Getting people's hopes up with poorly written patch notes.

25% is the correct number. It's been updated in the official patch notes.

Stealth nerf to Travel Form speed in 7.1.5? Why make the current class mount useless?

This is just a bug - we're working on a fix. Thanks for the reports!

We've disabled the 35+ Artifact Traits again in instanced PvP for the remainder of Legion Season 2. Details:

The ring for rank 4 brawlers guild requires bizmo's brawpub even on horde side, not brawl'gar arena, so i can't buy it

Thanks - we've got a hotfix in testing to correct this

Just got a legendary and its item level 910. Do new ones start at 940 starting next week for Nighthold release?

Correct. Legendaries will only drop at 940 after Nighthold is open. You'll be able to upgrade existing Legendaries at that point as well.

There's a few issues with Compendiums that we're working to fix. Intent is that using one consumes all AK items and work orders.

These fixes are now live. Using a Compendium should finish any Work Orders and bring you to the target AK minus those (now ready) notes.

Hotfix notes for Jan 10 are up! Note that these fixes will be applied with Patch 7.1.5 in other regions.

Hotfix notes have been updated for January 11, primarily focused on bugfixes:

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