Updates from @WarcraftDevs Patch 7.1 & 7.1.5

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Shroud of Concealment cannot be used during Arenas or Rated Battlegrounds. already pruning after 1 day...... why????

We generally do not allow abilities with cooldowns over 5 minutes to be used in rated PvP. Shroud was ignoring that restriction.

Personal loot and nighthold: tier drops come in tokens(vanq/conq/prot) or turned into class specific items already(hfc like)?

You'll receive the tier item directly when using Personal loot, but a token on other loot modes.

The Spontaneous Appendages Trinket deals less than half of the damage it did before patch. is that intended? its useless now.

7.1.5 fixed a bug causing this (and Aran's Relaxing Ruby) to proc much more than intended. Planning to buff SA in an upcoming hotfix.

any eta on season 1 title and reward redistribution?

We're still reviewing data for accuracy, but barring any unforeseen problems, we hope to re-distribute rewards next week.

Our latest update to the 7.1.5 Hotfix Notes includes some Demon Hunter PvP adjustments and a fire extinguisher.


is this SW:P change a change for only shadow or does this once affect disc?

"Shadow Word: Pain damage reduced by 11%."

Only Shadow.

8% buff for MM literally is nothing when the playstyle is still terrible now.

We're continuing to discuss the Marksmanship playstyle - just wanted to get some damage buffs in before Nighthold!

There's a bug with MW Monks that they can use Life Cocoon unlimited amount of times in arenas making them unkillable

We've just applied a fix for this issue. We'll be investigating players who extensively abused this bug; send reports to hacks@blizzard.com!

Seriously. Why did artifact knowledge get taken out of the #Legion companion app?

If you're seeing this, it's because you're below Artifact Knowledge level 15, which can now be researched instantly in-game!

Will the titles of S1 Legion be divided by faction? Or totally like in previous expansions?

By faction.

Is Blooddrinker's healing reduced by 40% also?

Its healing is based on its damage, so yes.

What is happening to the arena titles? This is getting a bit silly and is super unfair to players.

PvP reward re-distribution is currently underway and we expect all regions to be completed today. We'll let you know once it's finished!

PvP rewards have now been fully redistributed in the Americas and Oceanic regions. Work continues in other regions.

Hotfix notes are now updated for Jan 17, including Class/PvP tuning and a cost reduction for talent respec tomes.


Where's the Spontaneous Appendages buff hotfix you talked about last week? I don't see it in any of the hotfixes for last week

Still coming (along with a couple other trinket-related tweaks)!

Brief update for players in the Americas and Oceanic regions who earned PvP titles but haven't received them yet:

Players in other regions will receive their titles with the upcoming scheduled restarts!

who do I have to talk to about restoring ffxGlow CVAR to its former use? invis effect (arcway, il'gynoth, tich) makes me hurl

ffxGlow should have been fixed in 7.1.5 - have you tried it since the patch?

You might also try ffxDeath, which disables the death effect.

Today's hotfix update includes some changes to tone down PvP damage, and several Item and Brawlers' Guild fixes:

We'll be bringing down the 7.1.5 PTR realms and discussion forums today in preparation for the Patch 7.2 PTR. Details to come!

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