Updates from @WarcraftDevs Patch 7.1 & 7.1.5

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Please let us do nightwell for a few weeks before doing 7.2 raid testing. balancing live with ptr raids is awful.

7.2 PTR raid testing isn't scheduled for a while yet.

You can also find our work-in-progress PTR patch notes by selecting the PTR in the Blizzard Launcher and clicking on the Patch Notes link.

We've taken the PTR realms down for the rest of the evening while we work on some reliability issues. We'll be back as soon as we can!

We believe we've resolved this issue and are bringing the PTR realms back up!

Note: some players may need to re-copy their characters.

HPriests, check your logs. Looking like Sanctify is only hitting 5 targets instead of 6. Many having this issue @WarcraftDevs

Thanks, we've got a hotfix in the works to correct this.

will we get lvl 900 gear from the weekly mythic plus chest if we finished a lvl 15+ dungeons this week?


Can you guys confirm if the loot from end of M+ has also been increased? Or is 870ilvl still the highest? (not weekly chest)

Yes! Full list in our hotfixes update today. Mythic Keystone 15 now drops item level 885 at the end, and weekly Bounty chest goes up to 900.

We've shared some clarifications on 7.2's new Artifact Traits, and stockpiling Artifact Power tokens: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17614784157?page=1#post-8

how about if you don't put your 54th point in, and put 10s of millions of AP in at 53? Is there a cap to consumption per weap?

In this (very odd) case, you'd lose the additional AP - please don't do this.

Mythic High Botanist Tel'arn just gave us personal loot when we had it set to guild master looter =\

We're working on a hotfix for this as quickly as possible. Thank you!

Might of Krosus CRITs for 180k now. But says on the tooltip to do over 400k for me. Something is wrong

Yes. We think there's a bug with spells that use charges and effects that change cooldown/Haste effects. We are actively investigating this.

You forgot to buff Fel Imps damage in 7.1.5, normal Imp deals 20% more damage than Fel Imp. Fix?

Whoops, thanks for flagging this - we'll get it fixed.

Aluriel is now able to be skipped. Intentional hotfix or a bug? Would hate to try it and get banned!

This was an intentional change - you can now fight Tichondrius, Botanist, and Krosus before defeating Aluriel.

Are we going to need Pathfinder to get our class mounts or will we be able to ride them as ground mounts?

Legion Pathfinder is not required to earn the 7.2 Class Mounts, no.

Am I wasting my time farming AP for my weapon: will taking the empowerment at 54 traits yield MORE benefit than at, say, 36?

You'll have more AP refunded, so you'll be able to buy more of the new traits immediately.

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