Updates from @WarcraftDevs Patch 7.1 & 7.1.5

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Is there a chance we'll see Akama again? I'd love to have him as my shaman's bodyguard

Not just Akama, but his twin siblings Ahyphen and Aquestionmark as well!

(Real answer: he's a Demon Hunter follower)

What will happen the passive bonus we got from having the "Paragon Trait" maxed? We will we lose it?

Yes, but there'll be a flat increase to the Artifact's power as part of that process. Between that and new traits, it'll be a clear upgrade.

Will the power increase be relative to the amount in the paragon trait. Or flat across the board?

Flat across the board, but you'll be able to buy more of the new traits on day 1 if you've spent more AP past Rank 35.

Why did I get an agi trinket from my emmisary cache when my loot spec was set to Boomkin?

World Quests don't follow your loot preference setting.

We'll be queuing for PvP Brawls on the PTR every Friday for the next few weeks, and you're invited to join! Details:

Have you guys been notified about the CD bug on Elisande regarding recharging abilities.The ability gets bugged out doesntwork

Yes. We think there's a bug with spells that use charges and effects that modify cooldown. We are actively investigating this.

The warrior PvP talent Duel is still bugged, hoping for a fix in the near future!!

Duel should be working now - thanks for the report!

" rain from above" from demon hunters is a trinket now?? You can press that ability in a stun. Intended?

Unintended. We've got a hotfix in the works.

shouldn't 2k achievement for legion s2 be called "Fearless Elite"? Currently "Ferocious Elite".

Why yes, yes it should. Thanks!

Today's hotfixes are here, including some fixes for Demon Hunters, Paladins, and Priests in PvP:

URGENT Bug Report/PSA: Weekly Event Cache (from 4 M Dungeons) is giving NORMAL cache, NOT Heroic. Please hotfix?

It's rewarding Heroic-level items, the tooltip for the Cache of Nightborne Treasures is just missing the "Heroic" tag. We'll get that fixed!

No info about legendary items? You guys said that there are changes coming in 7.2 yet nothing was announced.

That's on the way, just not in this build.

We've posted today's hotfixes, which include updates for Frost Mages and several PvP adjustments:

PTR Dev. Notes state new followers; why? We already have more than we can use & it feels bad to deactivate, why make it worse?

We'll be increasing the follower cap to 6, so you can use your new follower without deactivating another.

fyi there are no leather boots in NH that match the rogue tier 19 set. please fix?

Rogues should look for the Boots of Endless Betrayal from Xavius, and Demon Hunters may like the Stained Maggot Squishers from Nythendra.

Twilight camps in Silithus still scaling to player level after event is over. Intended????

Yes. Yes, that is intended.

We're working on a hotfix that will increase damage for most Assassination Rogue abilities.


Note: Assassination will have its Agility reduced in PvP to compensate.

when will you ever do something about the healer imbalance in bg's?3-1 alliance side all the time is annoying as hell.cant win

We made changes to healer matchmaking earlier this week. We're currently monitoring the effect of the changes, and it looks promising.

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