Updates from @WarcraftDevs Patch 7.1 & 7.1.5

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We've got a new hotfixes update, including the Assassination Rogue tuning that is now live: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/news/20478238

So, nerfing all rogues specs by 5% because Mutilate gets buffed. I do not understand @WarcraftDevs thought process.

It's only Assassination. Hotfixes blog was corrected some time ago but caching may still show the old info.

can you tell me who the voice actor of Mayla Highmountain is? She sounds like Gwendoline Christie.

That's @Aprilstewart! We're fans of her work.

Hi, are there any plans to make adjustments to the new spirit link talent and healing touch spec.. they're imbalanced

We adjusted Spirit Link on Friday (at 6:30 p.m. PST). It now costs more mana, has a shorter duration, and cannot be mitigated by absorbs.

Is this in pvp only?

Correct - the adjustments were to the Spirit Link honor talent, not Spirit Link Totem.

Can you guys make all of these engineering mats crafting reagents so they'll go in the reagent bank?

This should be fixed in Patch 7.2. Thanks!

Shoulder Enchant for Zookeeper is my favorite enchant ever. when it procs i feel so rewarded

Glad you like it! The idea came from one of our pet-loving gameplay engineers.

i don't get it what's up with the Bloodtotem Saddle Blanket that tailors can craft, it does absolutely nothing, is it bugged?

It won’t show on your character sheet anywhere, but it makes your character more comfortable.

we are many that would appreciate some answer/response about https://redd.it/5s9pse

We're planning to make the Vicious and Prestigious mounts account-wide! Hoping for 7.2, but it might have to wait a bit longer.

We've posted new Hotfixes updates, including some recent changes to Shaman in PvP:

reddit.com/r/wow/comments/5snzla/i_pitied_the_fool_achievement_cannot_be_obtained/ … Passing this along

Thanks, we're working to hotfix this.

are there any future changes to JC and prospecting coming? Trying to level it has been more tedious than other profs. Thanks

Yes! All crafting professions will skill up easier in 7.2 (not on the PTR yet). For now, "Gemcutter Needed" should help with gem supply.

We've made changes to Mythic Star Augur to shift some responsibility from damage output to healing, and slightly reduce overall difficulty.

Icy and Fel Ejection damage has been increased, while health of Star Augur and Things That Should Not Be has been reduced.

Full details will be in a forthcoming update to the hotfixes blog.

We've updated our full hotfixes post for today, including all Nighthold Mythic changes:

Are all the changes in effect now?

Yes, as of three hours ago (or more for a couple of them).

can battlenet balance be used to purchase legion?

Yes! There's a 'Pay With' drop-down on the payment screen. Start here:


Achievment "Dangerous Love" currently not working? Did not receive it after completing the requisite quests.

FYI- We hotfixed this earlier today.

Could we please get the talent change buff when we zone into LFR?

Yep! We're adding this in Patch 7.2.

yeah but how "soon" is 7.2 I'm hearing so many rumors flying around and with AOTC on the line it matters a LOT.

The availability of Ahead Of The Curve achievements is tied to raid release, not patch release.

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