Updates from @WarcraftDevs Patch 7.1 & 7.1.5

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Hotfixes for Feb 13 include an upcoming increase to the droprate of Corrupted Essences:

The Corrupted Essence droprate increase is now live! You are now guaranteed an Essence from each boss, and more can drop per boss.

With high-end progression raiding guilds dropping like flies, is there any plan to kill/reduce the AP grind going into 7.2?

The 7.2 AP numbers you're seeing through datamining are just placeholder. More details here: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615013197?page=2#post-38

We've posted a fresh hotfixes update, including Mistweaver bug fixes and Artifact Power from Nighthold Bosses:

The Cathedral of Eternal Night should now be available for testing on Heroic Difficulty on the 7.2 PTR.

Can you confirm that there is no benefit in repeating the "Touch of a Titan" Quest when having all legs upgraded to 940 ?

Correct. These items will never have a use other than upgrading a 910 Legendary to 940.

Well we be able to equip more then 2 legendarys? In 7.2 or later?

Not in 7.2. Potentially later, but undecided.

Grand Magistrix now casts Cascadent Star more often, and it deals more damage, but her health was reduced. Details in today's hotfix update.

Any plans to lower the requirement for raid quests like Essence of Power for Emerald Nightmare to Raid Finder difficulty?

No. The Balance of Power chain is intended to reward organized raiding.

Yeah, and it wasn't something that's indicated by the interface at all :\ Really not a fan of this approach.

We agree that it should have been clearer in-game; Patch 7.2 has some changes that make this more apparent.

But, to be clear, no plans to change the 2nd through 4th tints from being locked behind the 1st?

Not at this time.

Ion Hazzikostas will be live on Twitch next Thursday to answer your questions! Details: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615111440

How could you do that to Gnomes? http://i.imgur.com/O4Wrdto.png

Thanks! We'll adjust the saddle position.

is it good game design that an 830 Grim Batol TW ONLY trinket is better than all NH trinkets for DH?

We're working on a hotfix to lower the amount of Mastery that Skardyn's Grace gives when used, but increases the duration.

hotfixes not goin in today?

The tuning hotfixes we announced on Friday are still planned for today, yes. We'll update here as soon as they're live.

Can I get some clarification on the Survival hunter 2pc, Some say its 3x and other say its 6x your mastery

With the Survival T19 2pc, the total chance for your Flanking Strike to trigger Hunting Companion is 6x your base mastery.

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