Horde Guild Recruiting for HC Team 2

Twisting Nether
Hi, thanks for reading.

We are Eternal Chaos and currently looking to add to our Group 2 team which 7/7 norm 1/7 HC.

We want to push HC progression now with this group and need a few regular places to fill.
We have pugged tanks so really need 2 tanks, 2 healers. At this point class not an issue. Any dps that can make these days welcome to get in contact.

We are decent chilled guild and you'll find our environment casual and focused.

Days- wed, thur and mon 8-11pm realm time we want you to be able to make at least 2 of these days.

question's speak to Bobcat#2345 or Leviosaaa#2638
Group is making progress and still looking for one regular Tank and one Healer. Dps are welcome as its open raiding group.
Hello Narcissus
I've been playing WoW since MoP expansion. I have always tanked and am fairly experienced. I would like to know if your guild has space for a Prot Warr. At the moment I am fairly busy with work and exams for the next 2 weeks but would love to get into the raiding scene (both for progression and for the story)

Even if there is no current space for a casual tank then I would at least like to game with people to do dungeons and fill in for raids when possible.
If you have a spot for Havoc Demon Hunter. Please invite me. Even for the social aspect of your guild.

Done full normal and trying to complete HC EN but pugging it is hard
i'd like to apply to your guild on my Havoc Demon Hunter.
I can make all of the days you listed and you can expect attendance in the 95 - 100% range from me.
I am an old WotLK raiding veteran, where i cleared every raid, including all Ulduar hardmodes, TotC and Icecrown Citadel on heroic. I quit the game after my guild disbanded at the beginning of Cataclysm. I returned for Legion and would very much like to raid with you.
I killed 4 bosses in EN normal in a PUG on the day the raid was opened and found them ridiculously easy.
If you are interested, whisper me in game or add me on Delaril#2638.
Hey thanks for your response's your more than welcome to join us. The lag over last week hasn't helped so progress is as it was on posting last, however the turn out has been really positive.
Groznak your more than welcome to join, we are currently running with 1 prot warrior and a druid as tanks however the druid is x-realm and rolled a healer in the guild and at this time we have no qualms using 2 prot warriors for normal/HC progress. Plus both tanks cant make all days. So there will definitely be opportunity.
We are very fair with gear and its all rolled plus if you have one pug it s all Personal anyway. On gear anyone have questions just ask us.

To the Havoc demons, dps spots free and great to have you.
To join just whisper anyone in guild however speak to officer mainly on late afternoon early evening for Raid inv's and proper rank.
You can friend either of b-tags listed too and w/s us for inv's

I look forward to see you in game mates. We believe in or community and many find it a great place to be. Hopefully you will make some new gaming friends to.

By the way my main is sparkmeup a shammy in game i just used to play pally heals and switched at Legion so I still post on this toon.^^
Thank you very much for the reply.

I have been trying to contact you or the other guild members without success.
I have sent a friend request to Bobcat#2345 and waiting for a reply
My gamer tag is avengerion#2660
I am online most days however I will be out of town from 20th Oct until 2nd Nov
I am really looking forward to playing with you guys soon :)
I recently transferred from silvermoon (A) to Twisting Nether and this guild seems to be the perfect combination for me.

I'm a resto druid and I´ve been healing since the end of MoP, though as a Dpriest back then.
I haven't done much raiding this expansion yet, mostly mythic+ dungeons due to my tight schedule in Uni this last semester, so my gear is not that high (856). However, I aim to perform as best as my current gear allows and I´m always up for a challenge.
If it turns out my gear is not good enough for heroic, then i'd gladly join your normal runs if that's an option.
Hopefully I can make the team, cheers!
Hi guys we are still looking for commited players to join our raiding ranks ...give any of us in the guild a shout if you are interested
Great guild, get involved guys!!

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