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Blizzard don't love us... :(
It was ok in previous patch, but with this new patch i cant HS to Dalaran bcs it has toooo long loading screen and just disconects me :( cmon Blizz give us some fix for this :(
Dear misguided devs,

The so called "minimum system requirements" are there for a reason you fail to understand. My desktop computer is currently above most of them, with the exception of CPU which is around the minimum.

Simply said, when you state your minimum system requirements, it should mean that: the game should be playable on the lowest available settings with no stuttering, no fps drop, no lag, no insane loading times. How hard is it for you to understand?

Right now I avoid Lagaran because it's impossible to go there without waiting for 1-2 minutes to finish loading times. And Southshore vs Tarren Mill pvp brawl is impossible to play.

I wonder why it is so hard to implement a simple fix.

I'm sorry, but when the drivers are up to date, the game is up to date, and everything else is fine, there are no viruses or so... and most of the players complain about the same things in the game (Lagaran, Southshore vs Tarren mill, camera stuttering while you move on map) - then your product simply sucks, guys.

Fix it.
I hope for no new expansion at Blizzcon, fix the game n in meantime make WoW2.

Stop prolonging an old game with new content, it's ooold game engine...fix the flaws n let us enjoy it instead of doing the hamsterwheel on old stuff while getting lagg n buggs...give us a functional product.
As a coustumer i am very dissapointed at this point of this product, i have spoken with a game master about this issues, but he was so amature about this techinal issues so gave him or her the deserverd survey feedback. Anyway. At this point i cannot simply understand why takes so long to fix this issues. Or the EU coustumers are simply not important for Blizzard or what? Because thats definetly show of both in coustumer seriveces and technical issues solving, wich is a shame.
We are paying for the subscriptions each months, and this is the service what we got for our money? This is outrages.

I want to ask the dear Blues to foward this matter on the US forums, or to the developer fast! Because at this point we are not talking about few sec delay on loadign screens because in my experiance i had to spend more then 10 minute on loading screens each time when i porting somewhere, (with SSD omg) not just into the new dalaran. And my config is laughing out of minimum and also the recomended system reqs as well. And before some smart as.. say i use too mutch addon allow me to clear this up i use only DBM, Skada, class order hall, and daliy elite scan. thats all. and they bearly use 36 mega ram.

The so cload ingame chat used command is also not working as it should be and i dont understand why would i have to use a god damn command wich is not working too. Fix this issues i dont care how lunch more cros realm blades, or anything bridge the whole thing or something, JUST GET IT DONE!
Still the same loooong loading screen in Dalaran... any news about fix ??? It's frustrating so much ....
I dont have the problem with long load screen but i have the problem with invisible mount, invisible argus ship, things load really slow.
Had same problem, really long loading times (New Dala took so long i could go pee and when i came back i sometimes still wasnt logged) and after logging, when i tried to mount and move, both mount and my char disappeared. After reappearing, shocking going into dalaran, untill another minute passed.

I noticed my HD was rattling all the time.
Started getting slower at Legion release, but got worse with some patches.

Did a defrag, but that didnt help much.
This computer isnt that fast anymore, its over 6 years old, prolly close to 7. And im still running XP. That in itself is no problem, i can tweak a lot so get max out of the system.

Obviously running with setting 2 video settings, bc my vid card also cannot deal with the new stuf.
But thats not the problem, bc the video card is doing nothing as i portalled... just showing a portal picture.

Checked network, which rarely gets over 1% load.

So it is the HD. In legion a lot of 'entities' have been added, of which i am not happy at all for several reasons; this is one reason. Bc all these pets and escortes, etc have to be loaded. Not through network, but from your HD to Ram. And takes a lot of time.

Since i had to order some stuff i decided to try a cheap SSD to replace the traditional HD. Its a sandisk 120 GB for 60 euro.

Its a 600 sata, while my comp is sata 300. No problem to connect, but i can only use half its speed. Bios saw it right away and so did windows XP.

It was some sorting to port the OS from my HD to the SSD. (progs avail for free on internet) It may be handy, if you dont know some basic computer stuff to have some help from someone that knows what hes doing...

Started. Booted right away and faster than with my old HD.
Started wow and portalling Dala now takes about 8 to 12 seconds, depending on how crowded it is there. And once i spawn, i just drive off wo problem.

TLDR: Bottleneck is your HD. Get a cheap SSD!

ps; XP needs some tweaks for SSD to have a longer lifetime on the SSD. Win 10 probably has that on board.

ps2; Pls Blizz, LESS pets, escortes, etc!!! They are annoying anyway.
Well, Dalaran loading time really feels like eternity. It takes so much time that I can play another mmo for a bit
Loading takes so long nowadays...worse than before...and after I portal to my garrison I get disconnected when loading screen reaches 100%...

This thread is proof that Blizzard doesn't care about us, since the only thing blue is parrot what some players wrote, at no time have they attempted to find the problem seriously n told us what the actual problem is!
It would be cool if there was new option added, dealing with how much of the objects is to be loaded before you are able to go from loading screen into the game. This way it's just annoying... and feels as if i was debugging some TES game. After reinstalling wow I'm again stuck with the same problem as others here which slowly along with other issues makes me not want to play retail wow anymore.
I'm encountering this problem when traveling by ships mostly, but have also seen it while using garrison hearthstone (always had to restart game when using it as I was stuck on loading screen, then it usually worked). The thing that drives me nuts about ships is that some mechanic teleports you out of the ship after few times spent in the loading screen loop between Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdnoms/Azeroth. This by itself would not be as bad... if the teleportation location wasn't in front of Arathi bg in Hillsbrad which doesn't even have flier around it. Same thing for Kalimdor where it drops you somewhere in the middle of the Stonetalon... And though it's better than getting dced it's still rather unfortunate way of handling this.
Blizz just dont care about us , who have this problem ... so they will lose more and more players bcs of this problem . We pay for this game , and we got damn long loading screens for few months now, and nothing happens...
fix this problem!
Loading screens takes ages lately... Extremely boring to watch that loading bar fill for 3 or 4 minutes... Please fix this!
Still same long loading screen + now after 7.3.2 fps drop is insane ... unplayable ..
I have 4-5 seconds loading screen everywhere since i upgraded to 1TB SSD..

Had same problem, really long loading times

i decided to try a cheap SSD to replace the traditional HD. Its a sandisk 120 GB for 60 euro.

Started wow and portalling Dala now takes about 8 to 12 seconds, depending on how crowded it is there. And once i spawn, i just drive off wo problem.

TLDR: Bottleneck is your HD. Get a cheap SSD!

I can confirm this.

I have two computers, one tower on Win 7 with a 980 Ti & 6600k and a laptop on Win10 with a GTX 1060 & 6700HQ.

Both had this issue of waiting 45 sec to 1min30 EVERY LOADING SCREEN !

I tried everything, the macro / WTF config line;
Running as admin;
No Addons;
No WTF folder;
No Cache folder;
Setting Cache folder as read-only;
Changing every file (all of the 47 GB of data) as NOT COMPRESSED in properties;
Removing the hw detect line in wtf config file;
Setting wow to 32 bits mode
Disabling Vsync
Activating Vsync with triple buffering
No Fast internet setting (forgot the exact name)
No Streaming in Battle.net
Uninstalling Battle.net



Putting the game in my SSD. yes, both computers had SSD.

IN BOTH CASES the loading were back to 6~10 seconds MAX.

I also had to disable XBOX DVR on my Win10 computer.
Still nothing changed ... :(
Still having issues with long loading screens, been away from Wow for a few months and came back just recently. Took about 10 minutes for Krasus Landing to load in the npc's and players, but the pets loaded in in less that a minute.
Under options, switch to 32-bit client, makes a lot difference for me

Battle-App --> "Options" --> "Game Settings", then check under the WoW : "Launch 32-Bit Client (instead of 64)"

Hopefully it works for You guys to
Under options, switch to 32-bit client, makes a lot difference for me

Battle-App --> "Options" --> "Game Settings", then check under the WoW : "Launch 32-Bit Client (instead of 64)"

Hopefully it works for You guys to

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