WQs in surramar

The Withered Scenario counts towards the Emmissary chest. That's how I got mine done today.
I wish they would fix this. I really need the dinosaur quest.
Strange, I did the Withered Scenario the other day thinking it would count, and it didn't.

I'll try tonight.

Zoned in to the Scenario, and before earning a single point it completed as a W and I've got my 4 done.

Tried a pet battle WQ in Suramar, won, it didn't count towards emissary on an alt, gg blizzard, 1 short for today..
Yup my main is missing majority of quests and my alts managed to do one, freaking ONE worldquest for their emissary. The only other choice ihad was a pet quest but havent got any pets above like level 5 or something.

Whats going on with it
01/11/2016 11:18Posted by Adidasler
Maybe this means you are instanced out until you finish all the quests?

Currently waiting to get to 20000/21000 (am @ 16000 currently) to finish the last quest line.

So what am I to do? I'm doing all the Suramar WQs when they pop up but as for OP they don't pop up.
Don't get me wrong I am in the same boat but i have noticed it less because i have got 3 alts to level up so been spending tome on them.
I notice less WQ overall and the reward for them is a joke. Running an old raid is far more rewarding and easy to do. Atleast then i get more gold, transmog, recipes, mats and BoE items i can sell.
I used to spend a bit of time in suramar every day before the patch, since it had a lot of good AP wq (and I like the place generally). After the patch, I've barely had any reason to go there except on Nightfallen emissary daily.

I've completed all the q lines in it, including the current patch bit of story, and I'm exalted with them, so I don't think there's anything barring them.
I just start the withered army training with 400 mana to just leave it immediately afterwards. Easy completion
Yesterday I had the Nightfallen chest for 4 wq-s for them. I had a total of 4 Nightfallen wq-s, including the scenario and a bottlenecking 12 lesser and 1 elite kill, where the elite was dead in 2 seconds after spawned in every 5 mins surrounded by 20-30 players.

Also the Baton quest was up in like every 2-3 days (not always rewarding the Baton trinket - I saw it 3 times as a reward since launch though), now it has been a week since 7.1, and no sign of that quest. A small 5-10ilvl upgrade would be nice.
Only 1 WQ in SUramar this morning after the reset. Totally bugged and needs to be addressed
01/11/2016 15:13Posted by Koradan
i figured it was just me, dam if its a bug they better fix it fast.

There is nothing to fix. This is blizzard way how to keep the game last longer and keep you subscribed. That is only thing they care about
I love suramar. The only problem is that 5 new one time quests per week arent enough to keep me playing.

Next time, blizzard should add new world quests. And a ongoing story within a week. As like two quests per day.

Time gating is ok, if it is done well.

I am done with all the currently available world quests. There is no quest i havent played at least 20 times.

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