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Twisting Nether
Hi, I'm rerolling to TN with a lock (currently leveling) and I'm looking for a chill guild to raid with on Wednesday and sometimes Thursday. I'm a mature player with a focused eye on raiding with a funny attitude. I have always raided end game content until my son was born 6 months ago and I took a 5 month break. Now I'm back in the game for some casual raiding and looking for a new home on the horde side.
Hello, sorry for a slow reply I didn't notice the message on page 2. If you are still interested I'd suggest dropping us an application or message on our website http://salt.guildlaunch.com so we can see if we would be a good fit.
16/10/2016 16:57Posted by Zherin
1 ret paladin
1 Rogue

Now open spots for rogue and ret paladin.
Updated progress and now looking for a 3rd tank for main team.
Updated recruitment for main team:
16/10/2016 16:57Posted by Zherin
1 H Demon Hunter
still spot for a tank ?
shockingly obvious bump

SALT is still looking for


We are not looking for a tank for our main team right now, but we still have openings for dps, check website for updated info :)
Up. :)
Recruitment update for mainteam, now opening for Tank :
16/10/2016 16:57Posted by Zherin
another bump in memory to the old gods and elements
Open spot for
16/10/2016 16:57Posted by Zherin
Resto Shaman
16/10/2016 16:57Posted by Zherin
All classes are now open for ToS
I reroll to disc priest from Resto Shaman.... are you looking for Disc Priest with OS Shadow..

Looking forward for answer
Currently in need of RANGED dps, good luck finding a suitable guild :)
Still looking for capable ranged DPS'ers to fill in our roster. :)
Looking for more ranged & melee dps for our roster. We are also always looking for players with a good understanding of their class/spec, and a good attitude to fit in our community :)
Feel free to hit me back if you'll be in need of a Resto druid!


Still looking for more DPS'ers.!:)
Could you use a Frost DK perhaps?

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