Would the Above date your character ? #1

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I decided to take a new spin on this thing.
Of course he would, look at this beauty.
No he wouldn't. I have no illusion that Xirque is very popular among either of the sexes. But if Kadvarn asked Xirque out, he would be politely turned down as Xirque has no interest in males romantically or sexually.
He would, but then he'd be instantly cut to pieces by yours truly.
He seems a little too dead for it.
Unfortunately, Ariyel is probably too boring and annoying. ;__;
Amna is known for not being a fan of dating other women, and more impotantly - she is an infamous turncoat fighting for the alliance and proud about it.

So she is a "no" for most blood elves loyal to the horde.
I know this comes as a huge surprise for everyone but no.
Most likely no, mistaking yours truly for an empty soulless shambler and trying to vaporise it with felfire. Unsuccessfully.

That or try to give her a cursed item as a token of love, which would raise an eyebrow.
Most likely yes.

The Orc just flex and the Elf kneels. But that's what Daha taught, once Daha got too close the Elf suddenly strikes, but Daha parries.

"Arggh I knew it, now you will DIE".

Not a real date, but that's closest thing you can get with Daha and an ELF.
Everybody knows that Goldy Knizzle milkshake brings Daha to the yard. He can deny it all he wants, but everybody knows.
One would assume not, but then again... Rhythel does have long hair.
Maybe .. Maybe not. Lantara sees Ilidari as her people still. She would give Rhythel a chance... And she likes long hair.
Probably not, night elves don't really like blood elves, but then again, she'd date a Demon Hunter, so, maybe?
I consider it likely. This of course depends largely on what this "date" would entail.
Probably not, since Nalean is pretty much a teen! And he didn't have a single date in his life, since he's more interested in mischief than women so far.
I'm almost positive that the answer is no.

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