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Twisting Nether
I looking for a weekend raiding guild, pref Saturday and Sunday. I am an old school ex hardcore raider who use to raid with in the top 10 guilds on this server going back to vanilla times.
as of late i have become a hardcore worker who works crazy hours during the week and cant make week day raids due to my work commitments.

I have done EN 7/7 HC and ToV2/3N but know tactics on mythic for both raids, even tho i am an ex hardcore raider my mind set hasn't changed.

please drop me a line at

or message below and i will get back to you
come join the fun
updated recruitment
updated progression
still after ranged dps
Hi do u need War arms?(852ilvl)
sorry we need ranged dps only
updated progression and recruitment
Arctic Penguins is a weekend raiding guild made by a couple of friends who couldn´t find any fitting guild who raids around the same hours. This is a guild for the people who can't raid during the "work" days because of job, kids, etc. etc.

The team that started the guild has a long history of raiding, some of us are cutting edge raiders. The raid is lead by someone with years of raid leading experience.

7/7 heroic EN
2/3 heroic ToV

Raid hours
We raid saturday 20-24 Server time and sunday 19:30-22:30 ST

What to expect
We will be focusing on HC Content, but hopefully do mythic in the future when we have formed a stable team. Even tho we are laid-back we take our raid progress serious and have high requirements for our raids. Aside from raiding we enjoy doing other content together such as Mythic+ dungeons, achievements, pvp and alt raids. We are often active on Teamspeak and have fun chatting together.

Generally we like to have fun, joke around and pick on eachother, while still keeping it serious to progress and preparing, so if you cant take a joke this is probably not the guild for you :)

1 healer: Druid, Monk, Disc Priest (Dps OS is big plus)
Ranged dps: Hunters, Shamans, Mages, Locks, Priest
Melee dps: Anything atm, but preferably plate/mail users
We do still consider any other classes if skilled!

You can apply at ap.guildlaunch.com or add us for a chat:

Hoap#2365 for a chat, or whisper Chanden (weekdays ~9:00 - 13:00 ST).
Or add Shinbou#2536 or whisper Shinbou (weekdays ~15:00 - 23:00 ST)

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