Leggings of the Black Flame and Essence Font bug

Ahoy thar,

Was fortunate enough to get the amazing pants as my first legendary, and they are indeed amazing :) however, I've noticed that if they proc for essence font, and I use my tea charge first, I get a 'cannot cast while moving' for essence font and the proc buff just ticks away.

It's no biggie, as there's only two occasions that spring to mind for essence font on the move (Elerethe winds and mythic ursoc perhaps), but wondered if anyone else had noticed.

To summarise : TfT >> pants proc essence font >> use tea on other spell >> EF charge doesn't work. Works as normal using EF charge first. Exclusively happens with EF procs for me at least. Other procs last duration regardless what I do in the meantime.
Happened here as well, I hope they fix it soon
I got the same problem.
just got the legs and i can confirm its still bugged.

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