[A] "Shangri La" 3/10 M - 2 days LF lock/hunter

Looking for Players – PvE
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"Shangri La" is a raiding guild situated on Frostmane-EU. The guild consists of raiders, alts and socials, mainly people that don't have so much time as before (when we were younger) but still want to conquer the content. We are raiding only 2 days / week, clearing everything, so maturity and focus are the keywords here.

Core of the guild (Officers/GM/Raidleader) consists of players that know/raid together since BC/Wotlk, but now some other friends joined and we were to many to join a guild so we made one. We have people from all over the world, and even girls :D. The average age in the guild is somewhere around 25y.
We have lots of trials and we are searching for those that really are up for progressing. Some of the trials will rotate from boss to boss, from raid to raid, just to get the proper roster to get the kill.

We are looking for players who are enthusiastic about progression raiding and want to get the most out of their game time. To us approaching problems with a positive attitude and enjoying the time we spend playing the game are more important than anything.

Notable progress:
- Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 M (Cutting Edge)
- Trial of Valor - 3/3 HC
- The Nighthold 3/10 M

Raiding Schedule:
Thursday (20:00 - 23:00)
Monday (20:00 - 23:00)
Once a week we are doing a normal/hc run for the socials/friends/alts/new guys to test them. This raid is not mandatory and is not set, its just announced 1-2 days ahead.

What we are looking for:

1 x warlock
1 x bm hunter

What we expect from you:
Wiping on new content was your first love.
Be punctual in showing up for raids.
Be mature both in age and attitude (the average age in the guild is somewhere around 23-24y).
Able to thrive on criticism, as harsh as at may be at times.
Highly motivated to play WoW and do well, if you plan on quitting in the near future do not bother applying.
Rock solid connection and pc, even if you do 500.000 dps or hps being offline doesn't help anyone.
Be an exceptional player regardless of class, able to understand fights quickly, avoid any kind of raid damage easily, give feedback on boss tactics and quickly gather information required to maximize your own, and the raid's, performance on a certain fight.
You are expected to communicate proficiently in English. Being vocal on Discord (btw we use Discord) is a huge plus. This does not mean you have to blabber your head off, but being able to say ‘ads loose’ on Discord can make or break a pull.

If you have read all of the above and think you're the perfect fit for us (and we're the perfect fit for you), feel free to add "aidda#2112" on bnet.
updated, looking for hunters also...
updated, no more hunters needed
updated, no more h-pala needed, very interested in RANGED DPS any kind (mage/lock/elemental/sp/boomkin)
updated classes and progress
still up, very interested in ranged dps (warlock/boomkin) but considering other classes aswell

Gear/pve progress are not a requirement
updated with clases
Hello, thanks for your answer.

Frostmane doesn't seem to be linked together with Defias Brotherhood so our wish to merge for mythic raids are not met sadly.

Thanks, Flowzy.
hello, the last spots are for resto shammy/warlock/rogue but every class is considered...
rogue no more, but we need a DK besides warlock and r shammy
updated with classes
VERY interested in a resto shammy / holy priest
still up, going into mythic this week...
updated with progress and classes
updated with classes..
still up
updated with classes
updated with classes...
still up..lf any dps class that is ready for mythic
lf 1 healer priest/shaman ASAP...

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