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Twisting Nether
Hi, thanks for reading.

We are Eternal Chaos 7/7/HC EN & 2/3N TOV we have a solid community of good regular players, people from all over Europe & UK doing mythic+ dungeons and raiding every week without fail. We are always looking to add to both our raiding teams.

Group 2 are now also 7/7hc and want to continue to run HC's and NOW do normal/heroic Valor and we need a few more regular players.

A couple of healers and ONE dedicated tank would be awesome and we are always looking out for dps.

We support both teams and sometimes merge them to run HC's . Group one is pushing in the short/long term for mythic raiding so the opportunity is there if you are skilled enough and want to do that too.

So if your looking for a decent chilled guild with casual teams that does take thing's serious however does not bite your head off for mistakes and make you fill out forms to join and quizz your history and you just want to play a game and test yourself in Raiding environments then look no further, you'll find our environment casual and focused.

Days- Wednesday , Thursday(is grp1 only and sometimes a continued mixed team run from Wednesday) and Monday's times 8-11pm realm time, we do want you to be able to make at least 2 of these days.

follow us on wowprogress

question's speak to Bobcat#2345, Leviosaaa#2638. Cowanbob #2522 or Kirstycowan#2397
We are looking for dedicated like minded people...if you think that sounds like yourself give one of us a shout!!!
Hi Cowanbob..Im a new player to the game and interested in becoming a good raider to engoy the game ferthermore.!!Moreover I always accept my mistakes and try too do what it needs to be done in order to get better!! i dont rly have expnce with raiding bt i believe your guild can offer me that chance to learn more about the pve part of the game.!
Hi Mirello, your welcome to come join us. You can ask anyone for inv to guild just /who and search Eternal chaos. Then ask officer for trialist rank this shows us you want to raid not just be in guild for social which we have many of, and then you can come to raids, We raid tonight from 8pm realm to 11pm if your on for 7.30 realm you can ask about raids tonight, make sure to speak with an officer some dude's just answer and have not got a clue whats happening. haha. So if your on give someone a shout. (your best to speak with cowanbob, cowpatricia or scoobydude)
Hello Sparkmeup and sorry for posting on this alt character.

Would you have room for 3 friends? Warrior tank, resto druid and shadowpriest?

All between 865 and 870 ilvl, with HC clear experience.

We're all around age 30, so the days and time would suit us well.
HI thanks for getting back, and chatting in game.
we are still looking for new people to join our ranks get in touch guys and gals!!
Hi, we are group of friends that just transfered over to this server because we was finding it hard to get recruits and people not turning up for raids . we all have 7/7 En , 3/3 1/3 Tov a few of us have mythic En kills

We are a Tank druid 872 ,Shadow priest/os healing 870 ,Frost DK 877,Resto shammy 880 / os ele 878 ,Balance druid 879 and a Dps Demon Hunter 879 .

if you would like more info please contact any of us on

shockalots#2464 , Squeeker#2772 , monkey#2116 , Ash#23564
Thanks for reply mate, your all welcome to join. We are on a raiding Christmas break until new year. If you want to join, come get to know people ask some questions and do some stuff over the festive period your welcome. And I presume your Horde?

Just ask anyone for inv and when an officer is on ask then to sort rank and notes.

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