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Twisting Nether
Hello and welcome,

Current Recruitment List for The Reckless:
-MM Hunter
For more info you can find it at the bottom of the post.

Don't be frightened if your class isn't in this list we are always looking for exceptional players that are better than our current roster;

Our current raid nights are:
Wednesdays (Mythic): 20:00 - 00:00
Thursdays (Mythic): 20:00 - 00:00
Mondays (Mythic): 20:00 - 00:00

Our History:
The Reckless a long existing guild from 2011 is currently looking for fresh members to be added to our solid core of players with in mind clearing 10/10M a week and for Progression for the future Tomb of Sargeras tier. Our aim is to be competitive on every raiding tier. We have been around since early 4.2 days. >The Reckless aims to be one of the best guilds on Twisting Nether<

What can we offer you?

We offer a stable guild where you can grow and get to the best possible level of raiding that you can. Currently we are focusing on execution with the right setup to keep our raiders sharp. Multiple M+ teams going around that are doing M+15-25 consistantly (one of the best teams worldwide).

What do we expect in return?

We expect alot from our applicants under this you'll find some points we deem important.

-Good game knowledge of fight mechanics
-Being updated on your class and how it interacts with a boss mechanic
-Being able to speak and understand English
-Being able to meet our attendance rate of 90%
-Be able to take criticism from any officer/raider

Incase you can't make a raid we expect to be told a day ahead atleast so we can change setups if need be. Failing to meet a requirement can end in not getting in a raid for a while or being removed from the overall roster.

If you are planning to apply to us, you need to be able to meet those requirements.

[Having a strong offspec increases your acceptance chance]

For more information whisper Herlios or any other officer of the Reckless or go to thereckless.eu for an application.
We are currently progressing on Odyn Mythic with numerous P3 pulls.

Still having a High priority on Shadowpriests, Retri Pala and Frost DK.
Also considering very skilled boomkins.

Currently have Odyn Mythic killed so 1/3M with progression on Guarm.

In need of experienced and mature healers ( Holy priest/Resto druid) and any ranged dps (pref boomkin/spriest/hunter/mage)
Heyho! I'm a 883 BM/MM hunter with 4/7 M and 2/3 HC kills. Haven't been raiding consistantly the past few weeks unfo because of my previous guild disbanding. Would love to get some more information of this, my btag is Brittgun#2312 but I'll keep an eye out for one of your officers online aswell

Currently have 2/3 M on farm and 7/7M for EN.

Still in need of experienced and mature healers ( Holy priest/Resto druid) and any ranged dps (pref boomkin/spriest/hunter/mage)
Hey there. Frost Death Knight IL878 with 7/7HC farm. Came back ffrom a 3 year absence so im kinda left out of any good guild, hoping to join again a semii hardcore one. My previous guild was Rising Sun, till Pandaria came.
As said in the text Siddhax, gotta go through propper channels for applies.
Most of the time it is an application on the site.

Currently recruiting vocal and skilled healers for our nigthold setup. Pref Holy priest/pala and a resto druid
Bump 4/10 M
Currently recruiting top tier melee players. Followed by a high priority for Boomkins/Spriests.

We are currently looking for 3 spots to be filled for our Mythic raiding guild currently 8/10. Mid progress on Elisande.

High prio for the next 3 specs.

*Fury Warrior
*Shadow Priest
*Ele Shaman

If you aren't one of these classes but think you are good enough to join, talk to an officer ingame or make an application on thereckless.eu
We are currently opening our roster to Retri paladins aswell

Open rosters for the next classes
-Fury Warr
-Retri Pala
-Shadow Priest
-Monk dps

Currently progressing on Guldan Mythic.
Hello There
Im a Tank Warrior with 10/10 hc experience thats looking for a mythic raiding guild.
Ive recently gotten into gearing my Fury specc as well. Its not as developed as my tank gear but its getting there. if youre interested let me know :)
DK tank with 910 ilvl , OS Frost with 905 Ilvl
Exp( Mythic EN , 2/3M , 4/10 NH Mythic )
can play 7/7 week
Highly capable of learning and listening
Highly respecting order , raid timers & penalties
Highly loving socials
For more info
Battle net : Ellord#2240

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