8/9M - (H) - 2 night raiding LF ranged & a healer

Looking for Players – PvE
<OG Feedback> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Bloodhoof Horde. Our aim is to be competitive on a 2 night raiding schedule whilst clearing content when current. We have a friendly and relaxed raiding atmosphere, however understand when to knuckle down and progress.

What we look for:
To be abrupt, we're looking for players who are good. We expect raiders to be proactive, excel at their role, and who have the intelligence to use the tools (logs, spreadsheets, sims etc.) available to optimise your game-play.

We expect a high level of attendance - if you can't maintain near 100% attendance don't bother applying - however we understand that raiding has to occasionally come second priority to real life.

What you can expect:
Many of us are real life friends, and have been playing together for more than 5 years, have been to multiple guild meet-ups etc. We wind each other up a lot, and expect to get called out if you make a mistake. We hang out on TS a lot outside of raid time, and play a good range of other games together too whilst not on WoW.

Raid times (server time):
Tuesday 20:00-23:30
Wednesday 20:00-23:30

See most recent post

If your spec isn't listed and you feel you are an exceptional player, feel free to apply anyway.



If you are looking to apply, please follow the link to our website. Logs are essential.

Thanks for considering us
Updated with guildsite
Also looking for a skilled Balance Druid
Still got a spot or two open for some ranged dps
5/7M - Still need 1 or 2 more ranged for the team, last two EN bosses to go.

Will also consider all exceptional apps
Il'gynoth down, still after some !@#$%^- hunters
Still looking for some hunters

Cleared EN Mythic, looking for a healer for Trials progression
Currently Look for Warlocks and Hunter for ToV Mythic and Nighthold
Currently looking for a:
    Ret Pala
looking at an odyn kill tomorrow, recruitment still as above
Hey are there spots still open. I placed out an ad earlier take a look if your interested. Add me if your interested. ShaneEV#2387
looking for people with a little more gear and experience unfortunately, best of luck finding somewhere.

Still could consider a Warlock, Hunter or Ret Pala for our core team.
Still looking for some, 2-3 exceptional and experienced dps to join our raid team
20/12/2016 15:29Posted by Anesidor
Still looking for some 2-3 exceptional and experienced dps to join our raid team

especially a warlock
Still LF Warlock :)
LF a non-warrior tank

& could consider a

Hi there,
We a group of 5 players that are highly experienced in previous expansions and have all been playing WoW since vanilla, We a group of very close friends that consist of,

Enhancement Shaman farming elemental legendarys for Offspec.
Fire Mage.
Unholy deathknight.
Protection warrior.
Resto druid.

All of our logs are over 95%+
If you want to see our logs you can message either myself or the mage and we will send all our logs.
We are all above 889+ item level equiped as we farm as much mythic+ as possible to better our gear for raids as we are always trying to better ourselfs in and out of raids.
We are 7/7m 3/3h experienced.
We are currently looking for a stable reliable nighthold guild.
We are very dedicated players that are always willing to perform at high levels we always come to raids fully equiped with potions / flasks / 375 Food / runes and what ever else is needed for the raid.

We are able to instantly transfer servers and fraction change on request.
If you are interested please feel free to add myself (Shaman) Spogi#21831 or The mage which is my brother Possible#2564
Hope to hear from you soon.
Afraid your classes don't really fit what we are looking for, best of luck finding somewhere.

In the meantime, still recruiting:

-a non-warrior tank

& could consider a

Still recruiting!

ideally a non warrior tank for Nighthold and onwards!

& could consider a


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