8/9M - (H) - 2 night raiding LF ranged & a healer

Looking for Players – PvE
Still after a ret & warlock
still looking for a couple melee dps
still looking for a few dps to fill out our comp
still looking for a ret and possibly an warrior dps
LF more melee for the raid team

could still consider a ret or arms

oh and 9/10HC!
Downed Guldan hc

LF Warrior/Ret Pally and considering exceptional peeps
still looking for a warrior dps and possibly a ret pala

recruitment open to exceptional applicants for all roles
Skorpyron Mythic downed

Still looking for Warrior Dps and Ret Pala
Chromatic down, still could consider the above as well as exceptional players of any class & role.
Trilliax down! Still after a ret and a warrior dps
recruitment open for:

-holy pala
-ret pala
-warrior dps
Krosus Mythic Down

recruitment open for:

-DH dps
-Ret pala
-Warrior dps
High demand for a ret pally as we continue NH progress
Spellblade down, 5/10 Mythic.

Looking for a shadow priest, ret pala and open to any exceptional dps.
Still looking for the above as we move onto Botanist
Botanist likely to go down next raid, still looking for a:

-Ret paladin
-Shadow priest
-DH dps

With recruitment also open to exceptional dps.
Botanist down.

Recruitment open to exceptional dps, in particular:
-A Ret
Still recruiting as we move on to Tichondrius this week:

-Warrior dps
-DH dps
-Monk dps

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