Rate the Warrior transmog above you

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6/10. full T3, meh.

Weapons don't match.
Transmog look nice, but white female red hair dwarf :p

Not bad 6/10
8\10, love the merciless set but im not so sure about the green tabard
I've always complained to enormous orc shoulders, but without them it looks empty. Yet pretty nice xmog. I would consider different weapons tho.


Edit it seems that armory is displaying wrong color on my chestpiece. http://imgur.com/a/Vc3I9
Some mismatch parts, but It looks interesting at the very least 8.5/10
The belt sticks out a bit, but looks like a Viking, 8/10.
Love the gold bling. T18H goes well with the balance of Power skin for Fury.

9/10 coz you were doomed with the same leg's as me, although I love them as Prot.
Why that shield tho? 4/10


Would give it 9/10 if you could find a different belt. A well thought out transmog with a nice mix of pieces that fit well together, especially on a dwarf.
Love the name @Lateralus (huge Tool fan)

Weapons match the look but I don't so much like the helm. As a Tauren you could prolly go without one. 7/10
Good for troll with all that Darkspear stuff, but looks a bit plain to me. 6/10.
9/10 you manage to make good use out of that weapon appearance. I just miss a helmet on you

Obs, my weapon looks greenish but they're actually yellow
Brutal :) 9/10
I give you 8/10, would have been higher, but the belt seems outta place.
I couldn't load your character in the profiler for some reason, to see whether the belt coloring is just the armory displaying it incorrectly or not.
Nice look 9/10

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