Nighthold Loot at some Players

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it seems it is possible to get nighthold heroic loot by farming special mobs in suramar. rumors are telling about to pull mobs behind a closed door which are able to drop these items.

this is discussed in mmo-champion forum. there are some players around (incl armory proof) which have one or two pieces of nighthold heroic gear. just another failure of blizz and how dumb must the players be to use this kind of "exploit".
It isn't just trash loot, either. The monk actually has 2 pieces from Gul'dan. Really curious how a bug like this would even make it into the game, if they are truly farming open world trash mobs.
i heard people are using gliders off dalaran to get into the nighthold area to farm the mobs which are dropping lots of nighthold gear.
You can glider from Dalaran, and there are Nighthold trash mobs present. They just don't drop any loot

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