[A] 6/11M: Established Old Style Guild recruiting

Looking for Players – PvE
Need one DpS for Mythics: Spriest/Warlock/Shammy/Hunter or Warrior

2 Mythics down.. but have one lovely Hunter off sailing the 7 seas for a few months now so need to fill our last spot!

Gimmie a shout if you would like to progress with a very talkative, friendly - but focused team !

Still in need of brave heroes for mythic progression, come join, the level of awesomeness of this guild is unimaginable high!
2 years. 2 YEARS! No regrets after being in this lovely guild for over 2 years. The raiding is very fun, but there is only one thing missing. YOU! We need you for our battle against the legion and beyond! Do not wait and come have fun with us :D.
3/10 M now - could still use Lock/Warrior/Shammy or Hunter
Now looking for 2/3 more DPS who want to raid Mythic ToS

Prefer: Warrior/DK/DH or Hunter
This guild is full of lovely people.

We work hard and celebrate appropriately!

Would recommend.
Bumping to give you another chance to read about our awesome guild. Heroic TOS will soon be conquered and you'd be joining a focussed but fun bunch. Come check us out!
Now 8/9 - getting closer to dem Mythics and needing 1 or 2 dps to join us!

Still looking for Warrior/DH/DK or Hunter
Obligatory update post.
DH spot filled, still interested in a DK a Warrior or a Hunter!
Warrior spot filled - last chance for a DK or Hunter!
I was asked to bump, so after thinking about being lazy (like Zubs) or not - wall of text incoming!

I joined this guild almost 5 years ago, when I was struggling to find my place after the disappointment of Cataclysm (it was for me at least). With the Pandarens arrival, I was searching for a new home on the server, and found this guild that was standing out with achievements and progress, despite not having a huge number of active members, just enough to succeed. They didn't have an elitist attitude that scared me away from some similar guilds, it was something different. I was guessing that they achieved everything with a strong core of friendly people who stick together.

After joining I realized it's true, even since that, we always had a good progress without being a tryhard. We can keep the very skilled players and the more casuals too, so our skills evens out on the better side of the scale, because even the slower ones can learn to do the fights to a perfection. We are focusing when it's appropriate and having fun when we have the chance, there's no pressure. New people can fit in very well usually, and that's important because playing an mmo automatically leads to getting new people from time to time. Over the years many old members stopped playing the game, because their life has changed. Nobody can avoid that, but we were always recruiting more and kept going. Some of us had breaks, but came back eventually again. Only one thing didn't change, and that's our GM, she is still the same, and she carries the legacy of the guild, the main reason it's working. We have a strong core who fills the raid full with jokes, funny stories, and also vocal when needs help with coordination. Most of these people were not here when I joined the guild, even if it feels like they were. But everyone is different, even the more quiet people fit in well, nobody is left out.

The guild is not for everyone although. If you get frustrated easily, or want the first kill on the server, you'll be disappointed. We don't kick somebody out if they learn a bit slower, because they always get better. We don't go with a perfect setup, we're trying to make our best with what we have, what people enjoy. If you want to have fun and get decent progress, maybe earn some achievements and collectable things on the way, it's a great place to settle in.

This expansion is different than the others, lots of people having breaks between the patches, the amount of content and the repetitiveness is tiring. It's hard for many guilds to get a stable 20 people for mythics, but we're not giving it up, and you can help us with that.
Still got a spot for a DpS - Hunter or DK !
My Pally Tank wants to DpS. He needs your help to do this!

Also now looking for a Tank - Warrior or DK

Plus the Hunter or DK DpS :)
Been in this guild for over 7 years now :O

Always had a great time raiding and since taking a more casual role they are the main reason I keep coming back for more. It's more than just a guild and Ellz is the BEST.

So come join us :)
here to bumpity bump and tell you to bring your gnomes to this great guild :D
Tank sorted, still looking for a DPS - DK/Warrior or Hunter!
In the absence of a pink gnome who was gonna post.. just reminding people we are still looking for a DPS - DK/Warrior or Hunter !
Even if you aren't pink or gnome, Divine retribution is right place for you. You can even go on holiday and you still won't loose your raid spot. It doesn't matter if you have played since vanilla or legion, you will still feel welcome. So be a brave DK/Warrior or Hunter and have a chat with our lovely Ellz.

See you soon
aka "the pink gnome"
Decided to add Rogue into the mix, so looking for:

DpS DK/Hunter/Warrior or ROGUE!

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