[A] 6/11M: Established Old Style Guild recruiting

Looking for Players – PvE
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9/9 HC

Still looking for DpS DK/Hunter/Warrior or Rogue as we move into Mythics
Don't look further, this is the place to be. Me myself I am celebrating 5 years membership of this fantastic guild this year and simply can't find a reason why I should leave, other then quiting WoW all together!

Raiding with a friendely, relaxed group, but still focussed in progression. We are ToS HC 9/9 atm, looking forward to mythics. What are you waiting for?
Here is a bumb so you know about this awsome guild.
Divine Retribution is a very friendly and welcoming guild with fun people that manage to keep up both the social aspects as well as good progress and focus in raids.

Come join the fun with us!
29/07/2017 09:29Posted by Zúbarah
Obligatory update post.

Melee spots now filled - could still use a ranged dps - Hunter preferred!
Mythic ToS journey started this evening, with almost everyone finally back from their summer holidays! Goroth done, amid much hilarity, but still needing a ranged DpS to join us for 3 night a week raiding.

We have a team of 19, with sometimes up to 5 backups, but we really want a full 20 who want and can raid 3 nights a week: Wed/Sun/Mon. Our backups are well geared but unable to commit to 3 nights regularly, instead, when they can they jump in to cover full-timer absences.

First choice would be a Hunter but we would consider a Ele Shammy -other Tier groups are pretty full, but above class what is important is that you are the right fit for the team and Guild.

Give me a shout here on Bnet if interested in joining our lovely family!

Still looking for a ranged DpS - Hunter/Warlock preferred, other classes considered !
Now 3/9 Mythic and still looking for a Hunter to join us. We are still pretty melee and Mage heavy but other ranged classes would be considered if you are the right fit for the team.
Bump, if you're looking for a good guild I'd recommend. 10/10 would guild again.
Bump! :)
4th Mythic down, can still squeeze a Hunter into the mix!

5th Mythic down

Kinda full, but would still consider a Hunter for next raid!
Hunter spot filled, but for Antorus could find room for a Rogue, a DpS Warrior or an Ele Shaman.
6/9 M

For Antorus looking for:

A Rogue, a DpS Warrior or an Ele Shaman.

We are also interested in talking to a Druid who is able to both heal and DpS
Hey, iam looking for a new guild. My old one just died out.. Looking to transfer realm. I have been playing open beta and vanilla, played in a high ranking world guild at that time. But i had to stop playing cuz of my job. And then i had a break till Legion. Ive been playing for a year at legion now.

Ive done 5/9 mythic tos. playing alot, i fancy pve. And im doing highkeys for m+.
Got bis gear for fury(75traits) and arms(70traits) prot(like 62^^)

Iam from sweden, 31 years old btw.

Hope to hear from you
Nainjo#2686 ingame if you rather wanna chat it out there :)
Hey Nainjo

Thanks for the interest, will catch you in-game for a chat!

Warrior spot filled, would still be interested in talking to a Resto Druid (DPS OS) or an Ele Shaman or Rogue
All spots are now filled and recruitment is currently closed.

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