Protection on 7.1.5. and after

Guys, I don't know how about you, but I'm really disappointed about upcomming changes to our favorite spec.

Full list of changes here:

In a nutshell:
a) Ultimatum is gone RIP great talent
b) Thunder Clap has now also 30% chance to reset CD on our SS, deals 2x more damage then before and generates 3 rage
c) Shield Block cost went from 10 rage to 15 rage
d) Revenge is totally changed, 30 rage cost, our parry / dodge cause to cost it no rage and cooldown went from 9s to 3s
e) Vengeance now reduce rage cost of Revenge, instead of Focused Rage

Those changes, which i listed are probably the most imporant one.

I see more rage starving, then ever before and complete change in our playstyle. Ofc those changes may also greatly touch our damage output, since Focused Rage is now kind of rage spent ability.
i see rage problem on 1 target tanking (boss) and super strong prot warr aoe dps and tanking
I feel like you missed out on a few other important things which generate rage such as devastator. I thought the changes sound decent personally I didn't like ultimatum although I do use it will be interesting to see how it plays.
Well, if you pick Devastator, you will loose 25% stamina and 25% IP boost, which is huge handicap. Also, by picking Devastator, you will loose Devastate, ie. your autoattacks will serve like if you hit devastate + you will gain 5 rage every hit.

This talent should definitely be at tier 3, instead of tier 5.

Anyway, these changes are not final:

So fingers crossed...
Yea I'd agree with tier change on it
I played around with it on the PTR for a bit just earlier, it's really quite a mess and alongside being an effective survival nerf it also makes the playstyle really not great.

Really they have just added a !@#$ autoattack talent (which is worse than other choices but still) along with messing up the core gameplay. The change to actual gameplay is an expansion level kinda change, it's hugely different.

I'm really disapointed, Prot was fine and well I actually really enjoyed it.
Why would anyone want to spend 30 rage on Revenge? It's not worth pressing even now when it generates 5, except to generate AoE Threat.

And with Ultimatum gone the lvl 90 talents all look pretty shabby to me >.>

Edit: Just read that apparently dodges/parries make Revenge free, so it kinda replaces Ultimatum this way.

15/11/2016 23:21Posted by Kôdos
Also, by picking Devastator, you will loose Devastate
That sounds like it feels awkward to play. Will it end up being the superior talent just like the DH version? Let's hope not :D
16/11/2016 00:13Posted by Evangelià
Why would anyone want to spend 30 rage on Revenge?

It replaces FR with Vengeance talent, that's why.
The Ultimatum change/removal really bothers me, it was practically the only thing that made crit valuable.

I really hope that Blizzard somehow finds a way to incorporate the crit stat in our new talents. Preferably in some way that will smoothen out our rotation in similar way that Ultimatum did. Or to hell with it - just restore Ultimatum and make it affect Revenge instead.

Ultimatum also made the 'Shatter the Bones' artifact trait somewhat attractive. This change will make the trait so bad, bland and boring. Just a pointless boost to Shield Slam's crit chance.
What the !@#$ am I supposed to do with focused rage now?
16/11/2016 01:05Posted by Boush
What the !@#$ am I supposed to do with focused rage now?

Nothing, the spell is being removed.
All I see is nerfing, pruning and dumbing down. It seems like legion beta is coming to haunt me again :(

Also inspiring presence needs to be removed/reworked because nobody understands that it's healing does nothing for the prot warrior, as long as that talent remains like this prot warrior will suffer.
... Why on earth are they revamping PROT, and not Arms, or even Fury, which clearly has more issues. (Sorry to all the guys who enjoy fury, but it's pretty bad compared to ALL other dps specs)

Jeeesus.. Its like asking an employee at a grocery store for a toothbrush and receiving a pineapple.

It's not like me to whine, but one have to wonder WHAT THE F... is going through the Warrior Dev's small, incompetent heads.

Time to put 2 geared warriors on the shelf. or find something else to spend my sparetime on.
So either get the talent that increase your rage generation, or get the talent that increase your survivability.

Dont like that tradeoff.
In case of survivability Battle Cry is dead!
No more charge -> BC -> SS -> free FR -> IP with 35% discount -> spam Devastate waiting SS proc
This is always help me to survive some heavy spike dmg like Cenarius's Spear...

Now... It's no ultimatum...
We should wait stupid parry or dodge to use IP with some discount >_<

There is no more stacking of IP when you are not active tank
Biggest problem is complete ignorance on Devastate. Instead of adding to it 5 rage gain per hit, they will introduce this weird nonsens talent Devastator, which 95% of us will never choose in Tier 5 againts Indomitable.

I would really like to talk to the person, who has suggested these huge expansion like changes. I think, he never played Protection Warrior at all. And this fact makes me really sad.
this !@#$ers has no idea about what's going on in game
PLease do not make core rotation changes i like prot as it is.
I'm sure this can be addressed. At the moment, the whole thing looks like a smorgasbord of a mess. Protection - as a spec didn't need changing at all.
16/11/2016 04:29Posted by Jamesblond

Jeeesus.. Its like asking an employee at a grocery store for a toothbrush and receiving a pineapple.

I have a toothbrush...
I have pineapple...

Uuuugh - Random War Prot Changes

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