882 holypala

hello everyone, looking for mythic raiding guild.
if you are interested you can contact me. here is my Btag : soxaaa#2226
Added you for a chat :)
hey, if you are interested in a 3/7 M EN and 1/3 ToV heroic raiding 3 times a day, Wed/thur/Sunday from 20-23h, with a good Social aspect add me up : jinsk#2711.

We can have a talk on discord or btnet .

If you are already taken , gl and have fun

I have send you a real ID request, if you're still looking for a guild. We are currently 3/7 on Mythic progression looking for a Holy Paladin to fill our core raiding and progressing team.

Hope to talk to you soon,

Feel free to add my btag Ghostdragon#237293

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