(A) Highland Warriors Thunderhorn 8/8N 5/8HC

Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
Down goes the big red man himself.. ONly 27 wipes later ;)

Onto HC and first boss down :)
Up you go HW'ers

HC Harjatan down! now 2/10 HC
Still looking for more raiders to join the ranks and spank some bosses in the Tomb! If you're looking for a home and you like being in kill shots, please feel free to read the OP and apply :)

Its a great place to be \o/
Still looking for more dpsers, and a tank!

HC sisters of the moon are down :)
Defo remember you guys back in the day! Does thatch still play or did she quit a long time ago?

This is beckmiester the old quantum GM, glad you guys are still rocking it 12 years on!
Oooh, Thatch... Priest, iirc? Dwarf, maybe? Quit along time ago :(

Good to see you, Beckmiester, not many of us Vanilla babies still around :)
Mistress Sassy down... :)

Still looking for more, of everything... Melee, especially :)
Desolate Host down... Still looking for more... Of everything! :)
Had a right good run of late... 8/9HC! :)

Still looking for more :)
Still looking for more...

Especially interested in melee and ranged dps of any class :)
Merry Christmas to us! Unmaker goes down to complete Normal, and also Demodogs on HC mode :)
Hello Highland Warriors.

I have read your great post here and am interested in joined your guild if you stil want people in your guild.

My History in WoW, Joined late BC and played since done some raiding in WoTLK and Cats but got really interested in raids in Mists and WoD, but the guild disbanded and have not been serious raiding since.

Have been playing Priest since late Cata and have both been raiding as Healer and Dps... and i feel that i at the moment mis raiding and looking for a guild that wants to help each other.

if you are more interested in me as player or person just ask :D

Hope i can be a future member of you guild
An amazing, well constructed piece that speaks volumes about the professionalism of yourself and the guild you represent. A true honour it must be to your guild to have someone as such as this.

I am interested in finding a more permanent home for my characters on Wildhammer, and in all honesty my first permanent home since moving from the US WoW at the end of Vanilla. My history in WoW is quite solo as of recent, I joined mid vanilla, originally a horde warrior, Tauren to be exact, was apart of my dads guild with my God fathers, named Temple of Blood (such edge lord...) on Kel'Thurzad, then we ported over to EU to a smaller guild, named The Thirty, over the years many of them have stopped playing leaving me to my lonesome in all honesty on WoW and ever since then, which was roughly late Cata - early MoP, I have been a solo player hardly ever raiding with pugs / LFR.

I am currently in process of levelling all my alts, to 110 in preparation for Battle for Azeroth, so I can be what I classed as my normal self, constantly wanting to progress with my characters in the world, seeing the end game at a reasonable level of difficulty rather than the face-roll that is LFR.

I have mainly been a tank / healer, all of my life within WoW more so tank than healer with DPS as my off role however I am happy to fulfil any raid spot that is going for BfA if I am to be accepted into the ranks of this guild with a wide variety of classes, from melee to ranged, plate to cloth. I am willing to adapt to whatever role or play style is required of me.

Would love to hear back from you, if you are still recruiting - I am going to say I won't be raiding during Legion as we have come to the end of the expansion so this is the time I start getting all my characters ready for the upcoming expansion. My battle.net tag is Valthrok#2323, hope to catch you at the same time so we can chat, if you are willing to accept me.
Hello there Danathor, thankyou for your kind words :) Please accept my apologies for not replying sooner... Life's been a little hectic of late so I've not had a chance to cruise the forums. If you're still interested, please head over to our website which is www.highlandwarriorsguild.com and have a little look around, read out forums, join our chatbox and see if we're your idea of what you're looking for.

In terms of joining as social only, we have no issues with this: we're not just a raiding guild, it's important to have a rich tapestry of players who enjoy the game for different reasons :)

Come and stop by and post an application :)

Oh and in other news, we finally downed Portal Keeper Hasabel on HC last night :)
Eonar HC down... Bloody confusing fight, but wings!
High Command, Imonar AND Kin'garoth down tonight on HC :)
heyhey, I just read your post, and I'm impressed that you kept updating it so frequently!

I just startd playing again (due to the BoA announcement) and got kicked out of all my other guilds (sadlife).
I've got a DH (ilvl 910) a boomkin (still grinding away for better gear) and a priest that i'm levelling up (also a warlock i'll be char-transfering soon)

I know that I'm not yet geared up to start raiding, but i'll get there eventually :)

Long story short; I'd love to join as social atm, but start raiding once i'm geared properly.

P.S.: please don't pay attention to my grammar (it has been a long night)
After what feels like an Age, Coven HC finally down... That hurt!
Woot!!! Finally got Unmaker HC down... Only 873642894784376 wipes later (and still no leg -end in the guild!)

Ahh well, in the immortal words of the (not so seasonal) Sheffield Lyceum Ghost Gag Bench, we'll have to do it again then, won't we?!

Still looking for more to swell our ranks... all classes considered! :)
BfA is almost here... Recruitment is open for willing, motivated guildies: raider or social. Veteran, returner or newbie... No previous experience necessarily required: if you're looking for a group of people to explore the new expansion then come and have a look at us :)

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