(A) Highland Warriors Thunderhorn 8/8N 5/8HC

Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
BfA is here...!

Recruitment is open for all classes, and all player types: socials, raiders, dungeoneers, newbies, oldies... Everyone welcome.

We'll be off raiding as soon as it opens in September, so if you want to join us on our assault of Uldir, regardless of your previous experience, join now! :)
Guys, the link to your website isn't working.
29/08/2018 12:42Posted by Ruuger
Guys, the link to your website isn't working.

Had a few technical issues over the summer with the forum not enjoying the extreme UK temps ;)

Normal service resumed now!

Still looking for more to swell our ranks, raiders, socials or levellers welcome! :)
Mythrax is down! Stupid jumping down boss... On to G'Huun in all his toothy glory
Epic night for the H-W... G'Hunn down, onto Heroic and a swift dispatch of Taloc.

MOTHER gave us a few issues, mainly because she seemed to be quite taken with following our tank around... Must've been the Lynx AFRICA ;) Down she went tho, like a sack of spuds!
Been a bit slack updating... 5/8 now HC

Really after another healer: pally or priest preferred :)

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