Mage/SP - DH/Lock lf mythic raidingguild


Im 883 mage wich is my main, also got a 877 spriest as main-alt, been playing mage, lock and priest since cata. currently at 4/7m 2/3hc(18% helya). Always been disc but will focus on sp atm, however like disc for m+ dungeon so i imagnie ill gear it up at some point.

Im 30yo from swe, been playning for many many years including in guild as ad infinitum etc.

My mate just got back to the game and i managed to get him to ravencrest, otherwise his toons are on silvermoon, so he has a warlock herenow that i will put up to around 870 witin a week. He is also bit work in progress as demon hunter tank but lets say a week and its geared enough for 4-5/7
He has been playing mainly tank since vanilla and if the possibility finns he wanna get back to that.
I dragged him thru 7/7hc and he understood the mechanics instantly, also every curve going back to will of emperor.

27 Holland

We are basically looking for a new guild to call home, where we can be a part of a solid raidteam and at the offdays maybe do some m+ keys, kara and similiar.
We are looking for a 3 day raiding guild with 4-5 minimum on farm, we are basically avialable all days at normal times

Please write btag, guild, what you are looking for in a answer here and ill take contact asap.

Take care
Hi,please contact with me today from this char "Odyssea" at like around 20-21 game time would like to contact with you guys asap.Best regards.
Hello Vijoletta,

do check us out:

We would be seeking a Shadow Priest with Heal OS. If youd be comfortable in such a role. All assuming ofc expectations on behalf of both parties are met.

As to your friend, tank not possible, warlock maybe. Will depend on performance.

You would both be judged on an individual basis, meaning it could be that you will raid with us and warlock may not until gear/experience is at the correct level.

Our intent is in finding the correct people for the long run to build up upon.

Feel free to add me for a chat:
Hello there, we from ''Unsponsored'' [4/7M] are looking for a Mage/SP and other Range DPS.
Please forward yourself to our post '''' or add me on Axel#2703 for a chat and further information.
Hi Peter

Maybe this is something for the two of you?

Add me for a chat Drenai#2268
if you are still looking for a guild my guild <Alignment> are looking for ranged dps to fill our last few spots we are 3/7 mythic my btag is sdfsdv#2231 add me if u want to talk

currently looking for range dps (cloth users )

currently got 4/7 mythic with ilgynoth on 6% best try

feel free to add my Btag Ghostdragon#237293
Hello, i am from Unforgiven a 5/7 M, 3/3 HC Guild. Our raiding days are Mon,Wend and Thu from 19-22. If you guys are interested and dedicated to raiding please contact me , i am gonna link our webpage for you guys to check it out.
Wish you guys good luck eigther what decision you will make and a happy new year.
Hello mate, dont know if you are still looking for a guild but here we go.

Im a officer of Control (5/7 M and 2/3 HC), we are on a break from raiding until this next reset due to xmas + new year.

At the moment we are looking for ranged (more specifically Mages/hunters/locks) to help us clear Cenarius and Xavius (3H on cenarius and got him to 30%ish) before NH comes.

We raid Wed/thur/sund from 20-23 server time.

The guild was created in the begin of Legion with the goal of clearing all mythic content before the next tier , in EN we had some problems since few members just stopped raiding and/or quited the game, wich didnt allow us to raid for a whole month+.

Last month we pretty much killed 4 bosses out of 6 (since nythendra was already on farm) with max of 1/2 nights per boss.

Outside of raids we do mythic+ with mains/alts, some ppl actually do arena others just do random stuff like gold farming, we are pretty active and social wich makes this feel like a 2nd home.

If all of this interests you and your friend add me up :
Hey Bud.

Not sure if you're still looking for guild. But if you are, my battletag is as follows:

Doorman#2576. Hope to hear from you.

Cheers, and Happy new year.
Hi there,

a 30 year old like myself :)

your progress is also close to what our own guild progress is. We are in need of a spriest. and I personally think a disc priest is OP atm.

as for a DH tank, we need obviously to interview you both and assess the fit. possibly a chat on discord.

Please contact me ingame protigy#2798
If u would consinder alliance anyway.

Visage 7/7M 1/3M is looking for few dps to fill some gaps in our core raiding team. We raid Wednesday/Thursday and Sunday for mythic progression. or whisper ingame for a chat.

bnet: rath#21763


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