[H] <Seagulls> 3 or 2n/week 7/10M (emeriss)

Twisting Nether
Seagulls have been raiding since the start of WoD.
Most of our players come from a heroic background, yet we've made steady mythic progress in both wod and in legion.
Our main goals are to keep improving in the lighthearted spirit we've come to love. Tackling the content prenerf and in an efficient fashion.
All the while having great respect for everyone's time and holding true to our days & hours.

What we can we offer you:
  • Steady raidschedule 20-23, wed, sund, tue|mon, thurs.
  • Choice between 2 or 3 day team
  • Sociable atmosphere
  • Support for Log analysis / weakaura's
  • Lively voice comms throughout the week
  • Multi game platform in downtime (csgo, overwatch, hots, diablo, age of empires, etc)
  • Heroic/achievement runs on open days

We require:
  • 21+ (18+ exceptions only)
  • Competent performance
  • Learning attitude
  • Sociable (ts/forums)
  • Teamplayer
  • 85-90% Attendance
  • Loyalty

Contact info:
Fordrion-emeriss (rl) [forces#2981]
Bankiertjuh-emeriss (gm) [blizzy#2601]

Apply @ seagulls.shivtr.com
All pre approved written applications will be invited for a chat.
Do not apply if you do not have a microphone. (socials only)
Any questions before or during the application? contact any of us directly.

Our 2day team is looking for hunter & spriest
Our 3day team is looking for mage & spriest & either wwmonk, rogue or enhanceman
bump, still looking for a mage to play 3 days.
Looking for hunter to play 2 days.
bump, still looking for a mage to play 3 days.
Looking for hunter to play 2 days.
Weekly bump, still looking for top tier hunter/mage for either of our mythic teams.
Leave your crowded server behind and come have some fun on our medium pop.
Progress update:
Most efficient group on the server 9/10hc with 1 day to go on our 3 days team
2 days team is starting hc tonight.

Still on the lookout for that perfect match: mage / hunter.
Bump & update:
3days group: 3/10M, Looking for mage / boomkin, resto druid/holydin

2days group: 9/10HC, Looking for ranged hunter/boomkin/spriest
Bump & update
3days group: 4/10M, Looking for mage, resto shaman/resto druid
2days group: 1/10M, Looking for warrior prio, ranged hunter, any other dps.
Weekly bump
Bump & update
3days group: 5/10M, Looking for mage/eleshaman/spriest/hunter, holydin/resto druid
2days group: 3/10M, Looking for hunter/spriest, any other dps.
Bump & update
3days group: 7/10M, Looking for any ranged dps, resto druid, wwmonk
2days group: 4/10M, Looking for hunter/spriest, any other dps.
DK tank with 910 ilvl , OS Frost with 905 Ilvl
Exp( Mythic EN , 2/3M , 4/10 NH Mythic )
can play 7/7 week
Highly capable of learning and listening
Highly respecting order , raid timers & penalties
Highly loving socials
For more info
Battle net : Ellord#2240

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