Twisting Nether
update: downed Odyn 1/3 ToV mythic now
update: added a DK and healing Priest on our LF list
updated for NH and patch 7.1.5
cleared NH HC within first week
updated status for recruitment:
- LF ranged dps and healers
with NH mythic progress we would prefer to add to our main team: mage, shadow priest and boomkin
update: 3/10 M NH with current progress demands changed
- Healer recruitment closed (exceptional priests will be considered)
- Ranged dps recruitment opened for all classes
- Melee dps recrutiement opened for monks and warriore
update 4/10 M Nh : recruitment opened once more for most classes
update spellbalde went down recruitment for ranged dps went up !
tycondrius dead, botanist next this reset : ranged still needed
botanist went down, next starboy :)
star of nighthold dead - elisande here we come
We convinced Elisande to join our side, Gul'dan will fall soon!
To hasten our progress on Mythic Gul'Dan, we would like to add to our raiding team these classes: Fury Warr - Resto and Elemental Shaman - Demon Hunter - Hunter - Mage. Applications at : archaicorder.com
the demon whitin went down. we are now 10/10

Recruitment opened to all classes for ToS, we are looking for exceptional and mature raiders to to strengthen our main raiding team, and hasten the progress. Apply to : www.archaicorder.com

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