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The goal
We are a group of dedicated Wow players that wish to create a long-term Mythic Team to dominate the Legion Expansion together with players that share our idea of raiding and being part of a team. A group of players currently carrying their own mid-progressed guild to come together to create a super guild.

Recruiting for the next Top guild.
We wish to gather a long term mythic team consisting entirely of carries.

Who are you?
You are mature and reliable person
You choose to spend your spare time on playing PVE in Wow.
You know at the current stage that you wish to progress together with the same team for the entirety of the Legion expansion.
You have good english, are vocal and willing to integrate yourself with intent to become part of the team; Both raid-wise and sociable.

What WE expect from YOU:
- High raid attendance
- Teamplayer, accept to sit out an encounter, no drama about loot going to someone else
- You wish to be your absolute best (know rotation, can play other specs and are willing to respec if need be)
- You come to raids prepared (you know encounter mechanics, bring flasks, pots, enchants etc.)
- Are willing to progress and know what that means
- Actively seeking to improve gear outside of raid hours.
- You are currently geared and can prove your abilities with logs.

The Guild
The guild is going to focus on high end raiding with a raid roster of around 23 players that are able to show up 3 times a week. The exceeding 3 players are to both ensure we will always be able to fill the raid-group, but also to allow flexibility depending on encounter.

Current Raid schedule is Mon, Wed and Thursday from 2000-2300 Server time, with invites going out at 1940. We expect every raider to be available from the invites going out.

Rank will be as follows: Social, Recruit. Raider. Officers.
Once you make it from Recruit to Raider. You are in. We expect to be playing with you for the remainder of the Legion Expansion.

Loot System will be loot counseling with the following priority sequence: Officer = Raider > Recruit > Social.

Raid Expectation: Raid events are set up 2 weeks in advance. You will sign up at least a week in advance.
Raidlead will throw invites out at 1940. Everyone is ready at the instance portal.
You will be listening on Discord (Our choice of voice communication), you are on push to talk. Unless required in the encounter you will not say unnecessary things.
Expect 5 min. break every hour.

As we expect the target group to be players in existing mid-progressed guilds. We do not expect you to leave your guild before we have filled our roster and are ready to form the new guild.

First Raid expected to be: 04/01/17

For more info and questions contact Dinoand#2227 or email anderssvarre@gmail.com
Our roster is filling up but we still need more players
We're are still missing a tank, a shaman healer and some warlocks

The guild is now formed and we're still looking for

Hunter - MM
Shaman - Restro
Good day, I'm taking a long shot here but, We are a group of 5 players and we've cleared 7/7m 3/3h, and cleared +15 mythic.
Our guild recently disbanded due 2 lose of members, we looking for a stable reliable guild for nighthold mythic, we consist of
Protection Warrior
Resto Druid
Fire Mage
Unholy Deathknight
Enhancement Shaman
We how ever are looking for secured spots in raids, We have logs for each player if you consider our offer, you more than welcome 2 go through my logs for a rough estimate on our skill level, and the rest of my team is just as skilled,
Our item level is 888+ equiped on all of us as we run mythic+ constantly when we not raiding.
Battle tag Spogi#21831

Let me know if you consider us.
Have a lovely day
Bump, we are still looking for:
Hunter - MM
Shaman - Restro
Are you interested or in need of information?

Feel free to contact Gillix#2248, Dinoand#2227 or any other battletags provided by one of our officers.

You can also apply at: http://clown-order.enjin.com/recruitment


Still looking for: Hunters, Warlocks, R-Sham and a DD-DK!

Gillix#2248 - Dinoand#2227 - Smiteyou#2335

Still looking for: Hunters, Warlocks, R-Sham, Retridin and a DD-DK!

Gillix#2248 - Dinoand#2227 - Smiteyou#2335

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