3 words that describes your class

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What is dead may never die.. still i die..
Now for 3 words
Baby, button, smash
I have Barrage
Out of mana.
Smite's spelleffect rocks
Dat heal bro.

or Holy @!&x dude.

Can't remember any better atm. :(

Take out a handfull of RPG dice's. now roll them all each time you deal or take damage and also when using resource. You are now playing the lotto class so youd better hope to be lucky.
12324674422eggdswf 16432255gssrh death.

Rez me plz.

And as someone wrote in US forums:
Surrender to sadness.
Can't die 1v1
Shiny happy people
Return Ranged Survival


Marksman, So Broken


Awful Pet Pathing


Please Replace Sidewinders
you're fury? lol!
"Fire mage OP"
No path available.
Working as intended.
STUN INTERRUPT STUN .. repeat untill shadows take you
Not OP, "hybrid".
Crazy Pet Lady
2's is joke
Who is downvoting?

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