Trial of Valor Adjustments - December 21

Dungeons & Raids
Hey all,

As we mentioned late last week, here are the upcoming adjustments to Trial of Valor. Note that all dungeon and raid hotfixes will take effect with realm restarts in each region.


  • Reduced the damage of Shatter by 25% on all difficulties.
  • Reduced the damage of Stormforged Spear's tank hit by 25% on all difficulties.
  • Reduced Odyn's health by 10% on all difficulties.
  • Reduced Hyrja and Hymdall's health by 20% on all difficulties.
  • Hymdall and Hyrja now once again leave the arena at 85% on Heroic difficulty during Stage 2.


  • Reduced Health by 10% on all difficulties.
  • Reduced damage dealt by Headlong Charge by 10% on all difficulties. This change does not apply to Trample.
  • Reduced damage dealt by Flame Lick on impact on Mythic difficulty by 5%.


  • Reduced the health of Bilewater Slime, Night Watch Mariner, and Helya by 10% and Grimelord by 15% in the Helya encounter in Trial of Valor on all difficulties.
  • Reduced the number of Taint of the Sea debuffs applied to players on Mythic difficulty by 1.
  • Reduced the damage of Tainted Explosion on all difficulties.
I might be of the unpopular opinion here, but I don't think NH needs to be released this soon. While I do agree that ToV is a bit rough(not that I mind hard content) these nerfs seem to come just to push NH for early 2017.

The last few expansions we've suffered a content drought several times, but the solution to a content drought is not to constantly push out new content. On my realm there are 21 guilds that has killed mythic bosses in EN, and only one guild that has killed anything in mythic ToV. 51 guilds worldwide has killed Helya at this point in time, there is still content out there for most people. We haven't farmed Helya for a long time, we don't need more content at this point in time.

Nerfing content just before the holidays is also annoying. Most guilds are taking breaks during this time, to celebrate or visit family. Knowing that we're gonna "lose ranks" since we're taking a break for the holidays, not because other guilds dedicate themselves more and raid. But because the content gets significantly easier feels bad.

Less is more. I'm not saying I want to farm Helya a year before new content is released. But I'd like to relax, and farm it for atleast a short period of time. The thing that worries me, is that we're gonna hit another content drought in the end, and at the same time you're "cutting the current content short". Are we going to have NH for 3 months, then have it get nerfed hard, and Tomb of Sargeras released shortly after?

These are just thoughts, do with them as you wish.
Sindarion, i don't think you have to worry about content stalling out anytime soon.

Content already shown but not released:

- Nighthold
- Tomb of Sargeras
- Argus (Which has the possibility of having multiple raid instances)

assuming each lasts for about 4 months thats already 1 year of content + the 4 or so months we've had already. If they stick to an expansion every 2 years or so we'll farm the last content for about 7-8 months which is atleast okay by me.

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