(H) <Dystopia> 3/10M 8/9N 1/9HC recruiting for HC

Twisting Nether
1/10M now
3/10 M, still need a healer and a few DPS.
Up, still LF a couple more people to complete core roster.
Started progress on Spellblade, still missing a few more people.
We are expanding our roster for upcoming ToS opening and are recruiting exceptional players who can devote their time to raiding with us.
Still LF exceptional players for NH M and ToS.
We are now recruiting final DPS for our M and ToS team.

Exceptional players of any spec are still welcome though.
Recruiting exceptional players for ToS N & HC - More info in post #1.

We are planning to do ToS M as well at a certain point in time just like we did with NH.
Recruiting DPS and healers for ToS HC at the moment.

A tank might be welcome as well if candidate is extraordinary.

We will be switching to 2 day of progress raiding and 1 day of catch-up content for undergeared members soon.

ToS M is endgoal.

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