Upcoming Class Tuning Hotfixes

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Hey all. As with each major patch that significantly changes class spells and abilities, we review tuning based on live data once it’s live, to look for any tuning issues that may have arisen. Based on that, we’re planning to make the following changes during the next weekly restarts in each region. We’ll continue to pay close attention to each spec’s performance as players progress through the Nighthold, and are ready to make further adjustments as necessary.


Death Knight
  • Blood
    • Blooddrinker damage reduced by 40% (unchanged in PvP).

Demon Hunter
  • Havoc
    • Annihilation, Blade Dance, Chaos Nova, Chaos Strike, Death Sweep, Demon Blades, Demon’s Bite, Eye Beam, Fel Barrage, Fel Eruption, Fel Rush, Fury of the Illidari, Metamorphosis, and Throw Glaive damage reduced by 2%.
    • Fel Mastery now grants 30 Fury (up from 25).
    • Chaos Blades now increases autoattack damage by 150% (down from 200%).

  • Beast Mastery
    • Cobra Shot damage increased by 46%.
    • Chimaera Shot damage increased by 10%.
    • Barrage damage increased by 10%.
    • Kill Command damage increased by 10%.
  • Marksmanship
    • Aimed Shot, Arcane Shot, Barrage, Black Arrow, Bursting Shot, Marked Shot, Multi-shot, Murder of Crows, Piercing Shot, Sidewinders, Volley, and Windburst damage increased by 8%.
  • Survival
    • Carve, Flanking Strike, Explosive Trap direct damage, Flanking Strike, Mongoose Bite, Raptor Strike damage increased by 7%.
    • Explosive Trap damage over time, Lacerate, and Serpent Sting damage increased by 12%.
    • Caltrops damage reduced by 10%.
    • On The Trail damage increased by 36%.

  • Fire
    • Flame Patch damage reduced by 17%.
  • Frost
    • Ray of Frost damage increased by 12%.

  • Windwalker
    • Rushing Jade Wind now applies Mark of the Crane to 4 targets (down from 5).

  • Retribution
    • Execution Sentence damage reduced by 15%.

  • Discipline
    • Trinkets that deal single-target damage now deal 45% of normal damage (up from 40%).
    • Trinkets that deal multi-target damage now deal 35% of normal damage (up from 25%).
  • Shadow
    • Mind Blast, Mind Flay, Shadow Crash, Shadow Word: Death, Shadow Word: Void, Shadowy Apparition, Void Bolt, Void Torrent, and Void Eruption damage reduced by 4%.
    • Shadow Word: Pain damage reduced by 11%.
    • Vampiric Touch damage reduced by 14%.

  • Assassination
    • Agonizing Poison increases damage by 3.5% per stack (down from 4%).

  • Elemental
    • Lightning Bolt damage increased by 9%.
  • Enhancement
    • Crash Lightning, Flametongue, Lava Lash, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Shield, Rockbiter, Stormstrike, Windfury, and Windsong damage increased by 4%.
    • Hailstorm damage increased by 29%.
    • Boulderfist damage increased by 15%.
    • Fury of Air damage reduced by 12%.
    • Doom Vortex damage increased by 33%.

  • Affliction
    • Agony now has its full chance to generate a Soul Shard on Soul Effigy (up from a 55% of normal chance).
    • Malefic Grasp now increases the damage of damage over time effects by 70% (down from 80%).
  • Demonology
    • Shadowbolt damage increased by 42%.
    • Demonbolt damage increased by 42%, but its damage is now increased by 10% per active demon (down from 18%).

  • Protection
    • Charge, Devastate, Devastator, Heroic Throw, Ravager, Shield Slam, Victory Rush, and Deep Wounds damage reduced by 5%.
    • Revenge and Thunder Clap damage reduced by 14%.

Legendary Items
  • DPS Specs
    • Kiljaeden’s Burning Wish: Damage increased by 55%.
  • Paladin
    • Chain of Thrayn: Damage bonus reduced from 20% to 10%.
  • Priest
    • Mother Shahraz’s Seduction: Stacks of Voidform gained when entering Voidform reduced from 5 to 3.
    • Zeks Exterminatus: Damage bonus increased from 25% to 100%.
  • Rogue
    • Duskwalker Footpads: Energy needed per 1 second of CDR for Vendetta increased from 50 to 65.

Additionally, we’re planning to make some general changes to PvP balance, with the intent of lowering overall damage from a few overperforming specs and talents. Those exact changes have not yet been finalized, but we’ll share them as soon as we are able.
#untouched (Y)
MM is still unplayable though. Not due to numbers but to the insane clonkiness of having to do several abilities to build up a window of 6 seconds to do some real damage on and you also need to have full focus when that windows starts else you're starved before the damage is proper.

To get focus we gotta spam arcane shot/multi shot till our fingers bleed. Which in turn ofc means we have to spend the amount of a monthly subscription on plasters and risk to actually lose the availability to actually get the window up. See where im going?

But to be serious. I like that you're balancing numbers but MM hunters in particular need a re-revamp. <3
But you said this was a minor patch in your Q&A
Priest and pala nerfs, fap material
I find it strange that you'd nerf blood death knights, while leaving guardian untouched, only reducing the damage of warrior, not their ridiculous rage gain.

Yes, you made bloodddrinker good, but we're still even, or below other tanks in terms of dps and edtps.. Check more or less any log on wowprogress to confirm (https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/12#boss=1962&class=DeathKnight&spec=Blood).

Could you give some thoughts to why you think this nerf was necessary?

Personally i love bloddrinker now. It's actually a fun talent to play with. It is actually viable in a raiding situation. I fear nerfing it will result in us going back to the already nerfed heartbreaker, which in itself is inherently boring. Blooddrinker is a cool talent. Please don't kill it 3 days after making it viable
Why u nerf rogues?
Nerfing Mind Blast and dots on shadow priest is over the top.
When will the roller coaster with our class stop?

Now that's pretty funny, Blizz. Still won't fix the trash playstyle.
8%??? have they play a mm hunter in 7.1.5? funny change, pure dmg is not all.
You change our talents, our rotation,our main stats, our gear and u think 8% is enough?
You only have 6s to do real dmg after u spam the same useless bottom, we lose the cleave that was the main thing in mm
The DH nerfs are unacceptable. Now i have to Reroll. Ty blizz.
Finally they're going to hopefully fix the mess they made of enhancement shamans this week.
Poor Marksman Hunters, getting a damage buff but their whole playstyle isn't getting adressed. Good job again Blizzard at not listening to the community I guess.

Also, Enhancement Shaman buffs... while I'm glad that they're addressing the damage problems we have, it just seems so... clueless to me. They've nerfed Hailstorm by such a high amount, that they've just rebuffed it back to 27%~, even though people have said that the nerfed amount was way too high.

Also, lol at the Meme Vortex buffs... as long as its horribly slow and doesn't even reach the boss' hitbox sometimes, not even a 15000%+ damage increase would make that gold trait good.
14/01/2017 02:52Posted by Lore

Trinkets that deal single-target damage now deal 45% of normal damage (up from 40%).
Trinkets that deal multi-target damage now deal 35% of normal damage (up from 25%).

is this a sick joke ? the dps trinkets are still extremly bad for disc priest, why cant they deal 100% damage and 50% atonement or less or even 0%, so they would be viable for well ...... adding some DPS. At least its a little buff......
Love the Enhancement changes. Hate what's happened to the spec in 7.1.5 but might be alright with this hotfix.
Is that correct that Kiljaeden’s Burning Wish isnt affected by enhansment shaman's mastery?
Out of 6 tank characters I have 11 legendaries and the only BIS one is the pala belt and it is getting nerfed.
I don't mind the nerf but why warrior gloves/wrist and guardian thrash legendaries are still untouched?
If the nerf was directed to rets you should have changed the belt for them alone because I don't think it was broken for prot.
14/01/2017 02:52Posted by Lore
Shadow Word: Pain damage reduced by 11%.
Vampiric Touch damage reduced by 14%.

Ouch, too much! Out of control, dev team?
THIS is the answer to hunter (and especially MM) problems? flat 8% buff?
How about 6s open dmg window (minus your pc efficiency and server response)?
Bugged aura showing be able to cast marked shot when it's unusable? -with SW
Explosive no-one-use talent?
RNG generated dmg windows if not SW spec?

Really, try use your "hunter playstyle" on charging warr or DH in this lovely 5-6 vulnerable window..

Yes, flat buff will solve all those problems

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