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<Iron Edge> is a high level raiding guild with a strong community at its centre, that's been active since forever (yes, since Vanilla, our 12th birthday was this February -hype-).

We currently have 3 raiding teams.

The Weekend Raid has always cleared the content on Heroic, while raiding only Sunday nights (19:30 to 23:30 server time).

The main team is working on clearing Mythic content, with only 2 raid days per week.

And finally, the last team consists of IRL friends that just want to kick !@# and chill.

Currently, we're recruiting ranged DPS and a healer, to push our progress into Mythic ToS. So, if you think you can commit to raiding once a week, on Sunday evenings, be sure to have a look @ iron-edge.co.uk

You will find more information there. Or you can poke one of the following people.

Weekend Raid leader: Xormageddon
Main Raid leader: Rashkebab
Melee DPS Officer: Phoenixflame
Ranged DPS Officer: Mooneclipse
Guild Master: Gaeios

Good day,
Bump! - We are also in need of healers now. Specially shaman/druid/paladin.
Bump! - in need of a tank and ranged dps!
Bump! - in dire need of a tank.
hello I am looking for Guild that in need for a tank, and i am really ready to join your guild and enjoy time with you guys raiding. BrewMaster almost 900 ilvl, Currently 897 iLvl. Tanked Normal TOS, HEROIC AND NORMAL Nighthold. Working on progressing more in heroic Nighthold and ToS, and gear Up more.

However i am really exp player with the night hold and TOS fights been observing the tanks in my Guild and why i don't tank with them because we have 2 main tanks and 1 Sub so its hard for me to take there spot now.
Hey, I see that you guys are still recruting. I am a returning playing from last November and I want to get back into raiding again (Normal and HC) especially with 7.2 and the next one coming in 7.3. Raiding the one evening a week is perfect for me as it will give me time to do other things throughout the week.

Whisper me ingame or reply on here as I will be active.
Bump! - still looking for some dps, one with a healing offscpec.
Bump! - still looking for some dps!
Bump! - some dps are still needed!
Bump! - still looking for some dps! Unfortunately, we're full on druids, paladins and shamans.
Bump! Still looking for dps-ers, that are not druids, paladins or shamans.
Bump! Still in need of some dps.
Bump! In need of a healer and some ranged dps!
Bump! Still looking for a healer and a few dps.

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