<Red Potion> 1/10M 7/7M 2 Nights p/Week are recruiting!

Looking for Players – PvE
<Red Potion> are a 2 night per week, 1/10M Guild, consisting of players with several 'Cutting Edge' achievements and previous hardcore raiding experience dating as far back as Vanilla!

We're always looking for dedicated players to help strengthen our core team as we progress Nighthold Mythic, and further. Our aim in Legion is to create a solid roster that will be capable of clearing Mythic content at a 'Cutting Edge' pace.

Raid Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday @ 20:30-00:00 server. (Sunday Optional)
We find that raiding 2 days per week is a perfect balance for our members, although we keep Sundays as optional raid days for progression purposes if need be.



Melee DPS:
Medium; All exceptional players with 50+ Artifact welcome!

Ranged DPS:
HIGH; Priority on Mages, Hunters and Shadow Priests.

We Require: 99% attendance to raids, of course with exception to IRL issues.
We greatly appreciate it if you can let an Officer know about any raids you are unable to attend to ASAP, or use the in-game calendar.

Working Mic & Discord For obvious reasons you're required to join Discord for all of our raids. We also require you to be able to use your mic if & when needed.

Be prepared 15 minutes prior to our Raid. This means come equipped to our raids with consumables. We provide all of our Core members with all consumables!

Competitive. This is monumental for us, as we want you to be the best you can be. We believe that competition within our guild is what keeps our members performing at their best. We want people to want to be the first invited for every raid. We want people to want to check their logs & see how or where they can improve, for whatever class they play.

And last but not least;
Fun! We've made friendships that have lasted years through playing World of Warcraft over the years and we want to create an amazing family-like atmosphere for our members here too. So clearly it makes sense that the single most important thing within our Guild is that we have fun & enjoy the content we're clearing together.

Visit http://redpotion.enjin.com to apply, or contact myself via Battlenet!

Edit: Added Boomies & Locks to priority recruitment list.
Due to core member re-rolling, we're also on the lookout for a Resto Shaman!

Get me on Battlenet if you fancy a chat!

Still on the lookout for Ranged & we have space for one talented Resto Shaman!

Drop your Battlenet, or add me in-game!

Still recruiting Ranged DPS & 1 Resto Shaman!

We've now opened our doors to ALL DPS!
If you like the sound of our guild, then you should add me in-game for a chat!

Day 2 in Nighthold Heroic = 5/10 dead.

Still in need of Ranged DPS & an awesome WW Monk!

Still prioritising Windwalker Monks, Hunters, and one last Shadow Priest! for our core progession team!
As always, exceptional players are always welcome!

Add me for a chat Droopyzebra#2828 or drop a comment below!

We're now 6/10HC!
Star Augur down, Tichondrius, we'll see you on Tuesday!

We're now looking at recruiting an extra Healer for Mythic Content, and yes.. still in need of WW Monks, Plate DPS & Hunters!

Edit: We're now recruiting ALL DPS classes & 1 healer before Mythic progression!

Small update to our bio & title of thread!
-Where dem Monks at?!

Hey there. 880 ret paly need?
Hey Taurenowka, add me in game for a chat please! :)

Hey guys, for now we have space for (mage)(windwalker)(plateDPS) !

if u would like to contact me or *frightened* add us on real ID
Still recruiting DPS!

If you want to join a solid 2 night per week guild turning it's focus on Nighthold Mythic, hit me up in game!!

2 Progression kills tonight making us 8/10HC, not bad for 2 nights per week if I do say so myself!

Add me in game for a chat,

Gul'dan wil die this reset! I can feel it!

We need a Holy Priest / Holy Paladin & ALL DPS as we prepare for Mythic!
back to 8/10HC tonight, full day progress on Elesande and Gul'dan

We're now specifically recruiting ALL specs of Priests & also looking for Holy Paladins!


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