3 Things You Love CURRENTLY in WoW...

11/01/2017 13:10Posted by Vodkesh
11/01/2017 13:06Posted by Nysira
1. Karazhan
2. Karazhan
3. Karazhan

I may should have considered putting Karazhan on the list though.

but why? I ran it once, but nothing in there wants me to run it again in current state. Not rewarding enough and takes more time than 2 MH+ instances.
Sure it looks nice and such, but still to run it every week, no thanks.

Well; we seem to be two different kind of players. You consider loot chests rewarding, I don't. To be true I don't care for loot at all. And the normal instances and boss mechanics in Legion are not really fun, except for vault, I gotta' say I like that one (and I'm probably the only one who does - at least in my guild I am). Actually Vault is one of the nicest Dungeons I've ever seen.

For me, the least rewarding thing is to run the +3 chestrun on an instance over and over again, or doing the same dungeon the 10th time on the same day. I agree, M+ with perks can be a lot of more fun, but for me it does not add enough to make a real difference when playing. Mechanics is the same.

But they obviously got it right. I like the 5-man "raid" dungeon (length whise, reset whise), you like M+ runs. That's fine with me, and I guess you as well ;-). And I can perfectly well live with being lower geared because I just do not like the other playstyle.
1. Questing. Yeah, loved the Legion stories, love Suramar, love World Quests which is a much more dynamic and enjoyable way do do dailies, than previous daily grinds for specific factions or the massive Apex grind quests in WoD. Good stuff.

2. Collecting. Transmog sets, pets, mounts, toys, achievements. Love it all.

3. Sheer size. The bigger wow gets, the better. Been chasing down the Safari pet achievements the last few weeks, and it struck me just how big the world is now and also how much the visuals have evolved since Vanilla.

Negatives? Got some, but not in this thread :)
1. Violet Hold is back in Legion!! I loved that dungeon's design back in WotLK.
2. Arcane is exciting to play -- you constantly have to balance on the edge between mana consumption and DPS dumps.
3. Not THAT linear dungeons. The previous couple of expansions gave us mostly dungeons that were a one-way drive with no sidepaths. I find the current dungeons less linear/opening up for more exploration and alternatives in terms of order of bosses etc.

Great post :)
1. Demon hunters: most fun I had while playing in a long time.
2. World quests: I still have daily quests in fresh memory and I can´t express how much better WQs are in terms of replayability (how beautiful it is to log in and not know what quests you will be doing that day), variability and rewards.
3. Suramar: from both lore and gameplay point of view probably the best max level world content zone that Blizzard ever created (well, not including MoP zones, I have never done them, but otherwise, the best).
1.) The new PvP system and death of resilience because it means I no longer have to carry 2 gear sets around in my bags because I enjoy both PvE and PvP. It aligns gameplay to a single line in terms of playing for class progression which is great!

2.) Class weapon quests, Broken Isles look and feel/ layout and world quests. Broken Isles is quite a bit smaller then previous zones but it feels large enough. Suramar, some of the voice overs, the story - all very well done and some subtle throwbacks to vanilla which is awesome.

3.) Ability to progress without raids using mythic instances. Definitely adds a positive social element to the game as it encourages players to connect with other players they've run a good mythic with. Also makes guild social interaction much more dynamic as opposed to the previous general lines of raiders and non-raiders.
I don't know... it's quite challenging let me try.

1. At least gearing is so bad that there's no possible way it could be worse
2. At least I'm not playing Horde under the worst possible choice for Warchief, seriously even Garrosh was a way better choice than Sylvanas.
3. At least there is 1 DPS and 1 Healer Specs that like, which should be enough to keep me playing.
The forum, nothing else is worth for the sub.

Legion is pathetic. They ruined the Horde, made a filthy sissy High elf a Warchief. She never belonged in the Horde in the first place.

Everyone wielding a Doomhammer, not 1, but 2 doomhammers? That's cool? Oke man.... where the hell did the other Doomhammer came from?

And why the hell are Alliance able to wield a hammer that killed thousands of humans and Draeneis (Orgrim Doomhammer). Nice weapon to wield as Alliance. No dignity if you are an Alliance shaman player.

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