Team Adventure - Argent Dawn, new raid guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Here’s the basics…
Who are we? Team Adventure.
What server do we play on? Argent Dawn (EU).
Faction? Alliance.
Time zone? GMT.
Progression: Currently going through Trial of Valor Heroic and then Nighthold normal after on Sundays (finishing off the last few NH bosses on the Monday). We are currently preparing for Emerald Nightmare Mythic.
Voice Chat: Discord.
Raid days and times: We will be raid progressing on Sundays which is our main raiding day. Once we hit a boss we can’t defeat, we’ll go to the next lower difficulty raid and clear that to gear the team up. On the Monday we will finish anything we didn't have time to do with the opportunity to attempt any progression bosses we wiped on.

Sundays – 8PM – 00:00AM Realm time. (19:00 - 23:00 GMT).
Mondays – 9PM – 00:00AM Realm time. (20:00 – 23:00 GMT).

So, we’re a new guild seeking mature, good humoured players who aren’t easily disheartened (we are going to wipe, it’s a game and these things happen!). We have experience with raiding since vanilla and have learned pugs are a means for a disaster. Only by joining Team Adventure can you be guaranteed phat lewt! We are RP friendly, do guild Mythic + runs and group PvP together. We wish to keep a small, tight knit team so we will only be recruiting what we need as we can only have so many roles in a group.

We are currently recruiting the following…
open to:

1 tank

We also encourage people with off specs to join. (All DPS, Healing and Tanking off specs are welcome)

So, how to apply?
Here's our recruitment form, just fill out the details and we'll get back to you asap!

We hope to be in touch soon!
Hey all, we've filled up some slots so here's an update on what we've recruited.
Slots filled up:
Unholy Death Knight
Retribution Paladin
Elemental Shaman
Hey again all, despite our recruited members, we've updated what we need to be a bit more open regarding class and specs, so I've edited the main post to fit our current plan!
Hi Team Adventure,

Im Docilia, a dutch female 847 ilvl restoration druid, looking for a raiding guild. Due to my workroster, raiding on sunday and monday would suit the most. I noticed it's hard to find guilds that raid on those days, but now i found you!:).

I used to raid back in the times of Wotlk, took a big break after, and returned recently to Legion. I like this expansion; there's much new contenct I (want to) discover. I would like to be a part of your guild and group up together to process in Legion Raids.
I know I am still low on my gear. I try to work on it, I started mythic dungeons recently, but it's hard to find experienced players in LFG/current guild. I do have to work on gaining artifact power too.

Im looking forward to your response. Maybe it's possible to have a chat and discuss some things.

It's ok for me to organise a realm change.


Little upgrade: ilvl 857 now.
Traits: 30, still working on it.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Hey there Bael

Is the Hunter spot still open?

Former high end raider, rerolled recently to a Hunter. Parses in the 90%+ on previous main in Legion.
Sorry for the late reply guys.
Docilla I've spoke to in game and will speak to again later.
Hey Daloorn, the Hunter spot is open, would it be possible to speak further in game about the position?
I've updated my main post to show what we are open and closed to and also an update on where we are during our progression raids.
Once again I've updated our progression and recruitment status. I've also added a link for our recruitment form, making it even easier to apply to us!
Feel free to message me here or in game also for further details I may have missed out on!

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