<Aftermath> (8/10M) Recruiting Skilled Healer and RDPS

Twisting Nether
Current Progress: 8/10M
Previous Progress: 7/7M 2/3M

Seeking a Holy Priest/RDruid/HPala (Other healers can be considered)
Also looking for SP, Hunter, Ele Sham and Rogue. Exceptional DPS are also welcome.

Raid Times Tues, Wed, Sun 20 - 23:00.

Our core is a group of friends who have played with each other over various games for years. We always reach high levels of play on any game. We are searching for like-minded players who want to push their characters and personal skill level to the max every raid, pushing to clear content as fast as possible. We enjoy having banter in our raids with a fun atmosphere, but serious progression.

If you feel this is something you are interested in, or want more information, reply here or contact me in game: Mobeedo or add me VenoM#2216.

Officers can also be contacted in game. they are: Kyevice and Inconsistent
Hey guys Im looking to swap faction and realm for this rogue.
Feel free to hit me back with a message if theres any interest on picking me up!

Still on the search guys!

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