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The bodies were strewn over the ground. Horde and Alliance at the steps of Icecrown Citadel. All dead or dying amidst the corpses of ghouls. We had been sent to answer one question:

What happened?

Picking through the bodies, we found a few with the breath to tell us. The Alliance had attacked the Scourge, and the Horde had attacked the Alliance in the back. Their breath misted into the air and vanished, their spirits gone. It was unlikely the bodies could be retrieved or destroyed before the Scourge returned to raise them.

I returned to the Horde airship circling the skies to inform the commander of this disaster. I will never forget his response.

"What?! Hah! That is what it means to be Horde!"

That was the last day I considered myself Horde.

The Crimson Sun Brigade is back in action! After a long OOC hiatus that allowed us time to live life and for memories to grow fond, we're looking back on the guild and saying "... Yeah, that was nice. Let's do it again!"

Who Are We?
The Crimson Sun Brigade (Steamwheedle Cartel/Argent Dawn) is a faction neutral paramilitary guild. We care not for the strife between Horde and Alliance. We have instead chosen to band together in the defence of Azeroth as opposed to risking everything by squabbling over old prejudices.

We are currently based in Dalaran, though seek a more permanent base of operations.

For the sake of making the paperwork a little more manageable, the brigade is divided into three branches:

The first branch is led by Aeryndal Riverheart. We focus on humanitarian efforts around Azeroth. We aid civilians after battles and natural disasters.

The second branch is led by Eric Balston and has been given the nickname “Balston’s Braves.” We engage in battle against anything that would threaten Azeroth or its inhabitants.

The third branch is lead by Lianquith Everbranch and Lanariel Belore'draco. We focus on the arcane arts and all things magical in nature. We’ll often be found researching old tomes and artifacts, inspecting leylines, and doing the arcane heavy lifting around the brigade.

NOTE: Just because an individual’s paperwork is filed under a certain branch does not mean one cannot interact with and aid another branch. An arcanist from the Third branch can accompany a squad primarily comprised of individuals from the Second branch out on missions.

What Do We Do?
As you can see from the above: a little bit of everything so long as it does not break our neutral status. Azeroth is our home. We will do what it takes to save it from anything that would threaten it - from power hungry necromancers to mad scientists, from dark cults to the Legion itself, and everything in between.

But while saving Azeroth is our primary goal, such things like finances can be a tricky! The Crimson Sun Brigade is partially funded on others being able to hire us in nearly all matters aside from direct involvement with the Horde-Alliance war. We offer our blades, our spells, our craftsmanship - our time and effort for coin, which has given us the label of "mercenaries" and "sellswords."

Flyers for The Crimson Sun Brigade can be seen posted around the capital cities of both factions, as well as the neutral goblin hubs like Booty Bay and Gadgetzan. They advertise our services and the opportunity to join our ranks.

(If you are interested in hiring Crimson Sun Brigade or working alongside them during a campaign, please contact an Officer or member that can point you in the right direction!)

Firstly, roleplay is not restricted to events. If there are members online and you fancy doing something then just ask. The likelihood is that we will be interested in some random and organic roleplay from fishing together to campfire stories, etc., or even some of the more exciting stuff like treating a badly wounded patient landing at our doorstep.

Events that have a plot and a DM will generally happen on Fridays at 20:00 server time. Depending on the current plot-line this can be almost anywhere on Azeroth!

Occasionally the Crimson Sun Brigade will join in with the server-wide campaigns (from all four servers) hosted by other guilds, or even host our own depending on how brave the plot-writers feel.

You will always be able to find out what we are currently doing because we will post updates on this thread regarding our activities!

Can I Join?
While we are not actively recruiting, nor will we be spamming the trade channel for such, we are welcoming of new members or returning members. The idea is to have fun! If you are interested you can send a whisper to an Officer or member who can point you in the right direction.

The Crimson Sun Brigade is present on Steamwheedle Cartel (H), Moonglade (A), and Argent Dawn (H and A) and will be found working with all sorts of guilds and people or making our own plot/content.

If you do not know all the in’s and out’s of lore, that is fine - we can help! If you are new to RP and you aren’t sure how to do things - we can help with that too! If you aren’t new and just want to broaden your horizons - we-- … Well, you probably see where I am going with this.

The types of roles you are likely to find in the guild are as follows:

Combat Oriented:
- Melee combatant
- Ranged combatant
- Spellweavers
- Medics

Travel Oriented:
- Scout
- Messenger
- Errand boy
- Traders

General Upkeep at the HQ:
- Mundane Medic: from surgeon to field medic to simple nurse.
- Holy/Shadow Healer: for critical healing of living/undead patients respectively.
- Any profession worker or assistant (smith, leatherworker, tailor, scribe, carpenter, tinkerer).
- Groundskeeper
- Gardner
- Guard
- Provisioner: hunting, fishing, and gathering to help feed the brigade.

NOTE: Individuals can cover more than one role! Such as a combat capable ranger, who is also a scout and helps as a provisioner when not assigned on a mission.

Any race and class is welcome. Heck, we're founded by a trio of Death Knights with a couple of Warlocks in the higher ranks. Just don't be evil or rude or moonlight at 'Plagues R Us' or the likes. We're trying to save Azeroth, dammit!

We have no level requirement and will provide some help with leveling, gearing and transmog hunts and we encourage members to help each other through dungeons and group quests, but we will not interrupt an event to do so. Roleplay comes first.

We prefer quality RP over quantity and a good disposition IC and OC. If you vanish off the face of Azeroth for months at a time without a given reason, and especially in the early days of your career, you're likely to be removed from the roster. (Those removed for inactivity are welcome to re-apply, though!) We are a social guild of casual RP.

All applying members must pass an IC interview.

RP Roll System:
We use a roll-emote combat system that we train all members to use for the sake of certain events.

For more information about us, read here: http://scarteleu.wikia.com/wiki/Crimson_Sun_Brigade

Send your applications to myself via in-game mail (or /w me), apply on this thread, or via our guild forum and we will look to contact you in-game.
*Shiney new thread!* SQUEE!
I'm looking forward to meeting up with everyone icly again. And wierding out people with my home cure Mojo.
After receiving the mission from Dawnfire, I gathered to me a small group of the available people at the guild and we set off via boat, across the lake and to the Dandred's Fold. There we found the house full of imps playing with the household tableware. We surrounded the house in case of escaping imps and sent Ethiril - a demon hunter - in to either kill or flush them out. Although two imps did initially get away, Ethiril hunted them down afterwards and all in all it was a success and there were no friendly casualties.

After clearing out the Fold, we continued south along the shore to the smaller house and dock. We found it blissfully untouched by demons and decided to stay the night there.

If Dawnfire agrees, we may begin shipping over supplies to begin rebuilding the Fold.

-Sergeant Renreth Sharpleaf
Crimson Sun Brigade will be doing this: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17614713088?page=1

Lots of exciting things coming up! Watch this space for reports.
Snippet from the latest report and event tonight! Still scouting in Hillsbrad ... and rumour of the demonic activity in the Barrens has reached Koranith's attention.

Seargant Renreth Sharpleaf
Corperal Gadehos Sunflame
Corperal Varthon Heartsfire
Recruit Ethiril
Recruit Shaajuti
Recruit Muya Windmane

On our way forward, Ethiril ran off. Sergeant Sharpleaf used the radio, calling her to get back, but she said she saw demons, so we headed forth with the Sergeant staying behind us for tactical support.

The demons were disguised as humans but Ethiril saw through it. When first one revealed themselves (a dreadlord) Sergeant Sharpleaf sent an arrow into it's shoulder. I, Muya, rolled behind it delivering a kick between the legs, followed by Corporal Gadehos striking it's chin with his blade, shutting it's jaws shut preventing it from screaming out.

Before it fell however, a second demon used succubus magic to entrance several members of the scouting group. Corporal Gadehos the most severely affected.
It's great to see Crimson Sun's return, you guys have been missed a lot the last couple of years!
03/02/2017 22:23Posted by Torakk
It's great to see Crimson Sun's return, you guys have been missed a lot the last couple of years!

We've not met yet but I've heard so many great things about The Beastmaw Warband! Cannot wait to find a reason for a joint-event eventually!
With Sergeant Sharpleaf still recovering from the mana incident, I - Loklor - have been put in charge of the Hillsbrad scouting mission. We had a lot of ground to cover today, starting back at Fenris Keep but having to catching up with where Sharpleaf left off and pick up from there. Fortunately, the stablehands were able to move our mounts over from the island to the smaller lakehouse where Sharpleaf had made camp earlier.

We departed from the Keep and took boats across to the smaller lakehouse, then mounted up and rode south, past the Dalaran Crater and up onto a ridge overlooking the foothills. Using binoculars, we spied the landscape and confirmed that the Forsaken - not the Legion - still occupied the Sludge Fields and even the ruins of Southshore. Beyond that, trees and mist got in the way, but we had saved a good margine of time nontheless.

We rode down from the ridge and headed east, but eventually we had to slow. We had been pushing our mounts hard to get so far in one day and they needed to rest. We split up briefly to find a good, nearby place to make camp... or at least it was supposed to be brief. Corporal Sunflame wandered into a cave and began trying to report back on his radio, but the signal was patchy at best. I ordered him back, but he did not hear, so we went in after him.

The cave was dark, our path barely illuminated by Recruit Shaajuti's lantern, and as we went deeper, our surroundings grew fetid. A stench of rot and fel rose in our nostrils and the floor was sticky with stale blood. This had been a yeti cave, but the yetis were no more. We searched one dark passage after another before we eventually came across both Sunflame and Legion Cultists.

The cultists were performing some sort of ritual on a demon, something we were quick to interrupt. After a hard fight, the cultists lay dead and Maernt'larn stood atop the demon, covered in blood, having done quite a final number on it with his blades. After that, we left the cave and made camp in the ruins of an old Alliance tower.

Sunflame ran off again after the fight, though. I would like to requisition a good length of rope with which to tie him up, should I find him again. Make that two lengths of rope - one for the demon hunter Ethiril as well.

- Corporal Loklor Stormblood
If anyone thought that Loklor's last report was somewhat rough and unfriendly... he had a bad day yesterday...

Corporal Loklor Stormblood
Recruit Shaajuti
Recruit Muya Windmane
... Recruit Kalithus Maernt'larn
... Recruit Ethiril... I guess
and fel knows who, some she-elf.

After days of being cooped up in that blasted tower, it came to my attention that some people were missing. One was the elf Merntlarn, who is so quiet it's no wonder his absence wasn't noticed! The other was Recruit Ethiril, for which we were all a bit relieved for the silence. However, I realised quite suddenly that it was only myself and Recruit Shaajuti left in the tower and that getting a long length of rope is still high on my list of priorities!

Using the radio, I requested that everyone report in, to which Recruit Ethiril reported that she had leapt for a felbat and been carried off to the Plaguelands in her attempts to kill it, and Mentlarn had continued with the mission without orders and without the rest of the group! <The page is actually damaged here from how hard a very angry orc wrote that last part.>

<The writing becomes relatively calmer again here, and one can only assume Loklor paused his writing to count to ten or something.> Myself and Shaajuti gathered our things, mounted up and rode through the sleet to Tarren Mill, where Mentlrn was waiting and had been joined by some she-elf not part of the Brigade and Recruit Muya Windmane. I checked if those two would be joining us and with their affirmations we set out from Tarren Mill into the Alterac Mountain, the weather seeming to improve somewhat as we went.

We went to Strahnbrad first and found it deserted since long, so moved on to the Ruins of Alterac, which was also mysteriously deserted despite the long-term occupation by ogres. Upon closer inspection, we found demoic markings hiding under the snow, houses repurposed for dark rituals, and flesh-bound fel tomes. I ordered the fel tomes burned, but the she-elf insisted that the dark magics would endure. After a bit of a debate, I decided that we would secure the area and leave the magical cleanup to Third Company.

We entered the Alterac Keep and heard chanting from upstairs. We went upstairs and found ogres worshipping massive demonic armour. We charged in and slaughtered them all. It was the only good part of that day.

With a few injured and Windmane carrying Shaajuti out of the Alterac Keep, it seemed time to return to Dandred's Fold, but that was when an undead came running towards us, fleeing for her... uh... unlife? She was being pursued by a Death Knight who clearly did not care who he hurt in order to get to her. We took up arms once more and battled!

The Death Knight put up much more of a battle than the ogres had and we suffered more injuries before I managed to break the undead bastard's helmet. That pissed him off and he raised the remains of the dead from under the snow to attack us. We were sorely outnumbered, locked in combat, and ready to see it through to the gruesome end...

That was when Ethiril returned, crashing something that was on fire right down into the middle of the battle. With no idea of what was going on, but seeing an opening, I called out for a tactical retreat. We ran for our mounts and rode down the mountains, straight to the Fold with the female undead with us (apparently Mentlarn knew her form somewhere.) I would have loved for the Death Knight to follow us, right into sniper and mortar fire, but Mentlarn and that she-elf apparently took another route to throw him off our tracks. Perhaps another day...

At least half of us collapsed into beds and Sergeant Riverheart came over from Fenris Keep to see to the injuries, and I hear the female undead we rescued was taken to Fenris Keep. Hopefully she can give some information on the situation.

- Corporal Loklor Stormblood
And thus, the Crimson Sun Brigade joined the Fel in Feralas campaign.

Main Squad:
Knight Commander Koranith Dawnfire
Knight Sisyria
Lieutenant Wiba
Footman Thaz'lo
Recruit Karja Wolfmane
Recruit Muya Windmane
Recruit Shaajuti

Wendila Peddle

The rumours from Kalimdor were confirmed with a call to arms as the Legion invaded Feralas. Having already made preparations, the brigade mobalised quickly and set sail for Kalimdor. We made landfall at Shadowprey Village in Desolace, where we saw many injured having their wounds tended to. Some of ours stayed behind to aid in the efforts, others moved to secure the location further as a point in our supply line, and the main group of us got moving towards Feralas.

As we neared Feralas, even before leaving the Desolace, we began to notice signs of fel and fighting. Once in Feralas we heard distressed calls from the wildlife. There was a smell of fel on the wind and some among us sensed a source of power but could not pinpoint what or where. On high alert, we continued to Camp Ataya and questioned the locals on the situation. They told us that Camp Mojache and the Tower of Estulan had been completely overrun. Later an undead woman turned up and elaborated on the details.

Camp Ataya was found to be very small, poorly populated and not very well fortified. The most they had going for them was being unseen, something we would jeopardise with our presence. After speaking to them and healing one of their wind riders, they told us about a place up in the mountains - where a few of them had already fled to - and said that we could make our camp there. After receiving directions, we made our way to the east, up the mountain and across Lake Dumont to an island in the middle of the lake, populated by refugees from the attacks. An old tower in the centre serves now as an infirmary and we set up our camp just to the west of it and under the trees to hide our presence a bit from spying felbats.

It is late now and we will rest here for the night, before seeking more information tomorrow.

-Knight Commander Koranith Dawnfire
Knight Sisyria
Corporal Issrabella Black
Footman Lynchi Dirtpaw
Runner Lilicky Kneecapper

We made our way down from Lake Dumont and towards Feathermoon, where I had heard most of the Alliance troops were gathered and staging their attacks from. As we came nearer our destination, we encountered a band of human soldiers in uniform and formation marching down to Feathermoon. Since we were heading there as well, we followed behind them and soon found a fair bit of chaos with lots of new arrivals not knowing what was going on.

After a long while of walking around and asking questions, we found out that there is no centralised command in Feathermoon and everyone is just sort of doing their own thing... It does not appear terribly well coordinated at all, honestly. I may have mentioned the War Councils that I have heard so much about but never been able to attend as they have all been held in Orgrimmar to my knowledge. (Last part not mentioned, I did not want to put anybody off the idea by saying I got it from orcs...)

Beyond that, a couple of ours got thrown out of the inn for some unclear reason, but one named Malfven Stormvine told us where we could find some tents to sleep in and get out of the rain for a bit.

We spent the night in close quarters with the Sentinels, who did not mind us as we are ultimately here to fight demons.

- Knight Sisyria
Knight Commander Koranith Dawnfire
Corporal Gadehos Sunflame
Footman Hagell Black
Recruit Gromkar Greenfinger

Also with us:

We set out from Lake Dumont to start making our way further south to see if we can find where the Horde are camped and find out what they are doing. Before we even made it to Dreamer's Rest, though, we encountered a large, gathered group of apparently neutrally aligned people who were preparing to assault the Ruins of Ravenwind. From what I could gather, the harpies had kidnapped some of theirs and were also harbouring demons and cultists and raising a lot of magic in the area. We offered to join their efforts and were accepted.

We marched together to the Ruins of Ravenwind, then split into three groups to flank and attack the demons, harpies and cultists. Our group went after a Fel Lord, guarded by several Felguards. There were many casualties on all fronts, but fortunately it does not appear as if any of ours died in the attack. Many cultists died, demons were felled, and the harpies - after taking many hits - scattered and fled.

By the end of it, we stood victorious, gathered our wounded and began fortifying the Ruins of Ravenwind as a new neutral outpost.

- Knight Commander Koranith Dawnfire

Shoutout to Baoliin who DM'd the NeutralHorde-side of things!
Fel In Feralas campaign
The Alliance were to hold a war council to consolidate their efforts against the Legion this evening, an endeavour lead at least in part by Knight Sisyria. However, it would seem that the Feathermoon Stronghold was attacked by the Legion during this time. Details are as of yet sketchy, as Knight Sisyria, Footman Dirtpaw, Recruit Kneecapper and myself were forced to evacuate the area, returning to our base at Lake Dumont with severe fel burns.

Knight Sisyria and Footman Dirtpaw - who might know the most about what happened in Feathermoon - are in critical condition and currently cannot speak to anyone.

- Corporal Issrabella Black
Ruins of Isildien

The Crimson Sun Brigade joined with a massive effort by the Horde, the Alliance, and various other Neutral parties to assault the Ruins of Isildien and drive the Legion out. The Neutral parties and the Horde gathered at the Darkmist Ruins where we were briefed on the situation before heading out. The Alliance were already in the area, unseen by us but heard in the distance, and allowed us to reach the main structure in Isildien with minimal resistance. Once there, however, we faced a shieldwall of Felguards, bombardment by Imps, and frequent attacks by Felbats. Still, we managed to fight our way up the stairs and into the building, while the gnomes of A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T. landed on the roof and worked to shut down the Legion's protective wards within. Inside we faced a Fel Warden, as well as Felhounds and Observers, the first of which did not fall until after the wards had been disabled.

After a long battle and several casualties, we had finally taken the central structure of the ruins, but mere moments later we realised that the fight was far from over. Approaching from the north was a massive Pitlord. Rather than let it reach the central structure, everyone who was able to fight gathered to face it out in the open. After another long, hard battle and many more injuries sustained, the Pitlord was finally brought down and we could all start seeing to our wounded.

By the end, I do not think anyone was left unscathed, but the battle was won and we gained another foothold against the Legion in Feralas.

- Knight Commander Koranith Dawnfire
Friday, March 3rd
To make a list of everyone that was present would take too long, so I shall just get down to the report.

The Neutral parties gathered at the Ruins of Isildien and marched north on Dire Maul. One group joined with the Horde forces and headed down the main road to the old ruins, meeting heavy resistance and causing a good distraction as the second group moved around the flanks to their objective. The second group did eventually encounter their own resistance, but managed to get up onto the walls of Dire Maul, where they encountered the Alliance forces. They battled down separate paths to be able to give the first group and the Horde cover from above as they entered Dire Maul.

Approximately halfway to the heart of Dire Maul, a Legion ship appeared overhead and began raining down destruction on all of us, but to our aid came the hippogryphs whom we had aided just a few days prior and offered us their wings. The Neutral forces took to the skies to board the Legion ship while the Horde and the Alliance pushed on down below. After what can only be described as a chaotic turmoil of events, the Legion ship was sabotaged and crashed down into the heart of Dire Maul and the lead agents behind the invasion of Feralas were dead.

After all was said and done, we counted our casualties and the Crumson Sun Brigade returned to Lake Dumont to begin preparations for heading back to Fenris Keep.

- Knight Commander Koranith Dawnfire
Knight Commander Koranith Dawnfire
Captain Eric Balston
Runner Anneah Silverheart
Miss Myribelle Monilith

Korgoth Guttcrusher was an orcish death knight in the Scourge. Necrotic energies caused him to swell to a large size which did a number on his bloodlust. He was used as a line-breaker and juggernaut in the Scourge lines. He was rarely problem before The Lich King was defeated, but then he seemed to disappear. His history is no doubt long and sordid one, but we knew him most for what he had to Miss Myribelle Monilith.

After removing a rune from Monilith's head and undoing some of the havoc he was causing her, he began a siege on Fenris Keep, raising ogres as zombies and sending them down at us from the Alterac Mountains. Rather than waiting for him to run out of corpses to defile and throw at us, we took to the air to fly overhead and drop bombs on him. However, he took cover inside the Alterac Keep, forcing us to land and go in after him.

On the ground we met up with a group from the Hand of Agony and worked together to bring Guttcrusher down. After a long battle we saw victory and returned to Fenris Keep. Monilith remained with the Hand of Agony.

- Knight Commander Koranith Dawnfire
Knight Commander Koranith Dawnfire
Footman Anneah Silverlight
Runner Kalithus Maernt'larn
Recruit Shantika

With the arrangements made, the four of us left the Keep in passable weather and boarded a Forsaken vessel headed for the Broken Isles. Making landfall in Stormheim, it did not take long for us to hear rumours circulating among the locals about the Beastmaw Warband and I decided that it would serve well for our squad to join forces with them. It took a little over two days but we were able to track them down to Jandvik in Suramar. Curiously we arrived just in time to hear about a Pitlord in Highmountain that they thought dealt with about to break free and without hesitation we prepared to journey with them to Highmountain.

We arrived in Highmountain after another two days of riding and found the entire region under attack by the Legion. We made for the Pitlord's besieged warcamp, but arrived too late. We aided in mopping up a remained doomguard and some felborne elves, but the main force of demons and the Pitlord Behemagor himself had already moved on.

General Bloodrain decided to split up in search parties to find out which way Behemagor had gone so that we might head him off before he reaches the Broken Shore and demonic reinforcements too nummerous to count. I volunteered my squad to go east and a demon hunter named Odathias Felwrath moves with us.

- Knight Commander Koranith Dawnfire

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