<<ASCENDANCE>> - Alonsus EU - 5/11 (Mythic) Recruiting

Looking for Players – PvE
Ascendance have been established for a long time, with a proud history of quality raiding. We have had some amazing times and could dazzle you with our history saying Ascendance have done this, Ascendance have done that, we have a pretty tabard, but that is our past, and we are once again looking to build for the future!

We are recruiting key players, who are progression focussed and enjoy all the content the game has to offer. We won't promise you the world, but we will promise this, pull your weight and you'll share in all the success of being part of Ascendance and become one of the family.

All of our current members are very passionate about the game, and our raiders look to push themselves with friendly competition to be top of their game.

We already have a solid core of members who are looking to continue making strides in Mythic content, our aim being to achieve success by working together as a Team.

This is where YOU come in !!!
Who are we looking for?
DPS - We will consider all quality DPS applications, specifically we are looking for the following:
    • Demon Hunter
    • Balance Druid
    • Death Knight
    • Shadow Priest

Healers - We will consider all quality Healing applications, but have spots availible for:
    • Resto Shaman
    • Resto Druid (with DPS off spec)
When do we Raid?
Raid Nights: Wednesday, Sunday & Monday 20.30 - 23.30 (Server time)
Casual Raid Night: Thursday 20.30 - 23.30 (Server time)
* Please note Progression Raids Nights may finish a little later if we are close to a new kill. The Casual Raid Night is for Heroic Gear Farming/Trials/Alts/Casuals.
What do we expect from our Raiders?
  • High Attendance on Progression Raid Nights; this needs no further explanation.
  • Be Prepared; This means having Consumables (Flasks, Pots, Food etc.), Your gear gemmed and enchanted were applicable.
  • Voice Chat; Able to listen and communicate when required.
  • Personality, Loyality, Commitment and of course to have Fun!
  • Current Progress
  • Antorus: The Burning Throne: 5-11 Mythic
  • Tomb of Sargeras: 6-9 Mythic
  • Nighthold: 8-10 Mythic
  • Nightmare: 7-7 Mythic
  • Trial of Valor: 2-3 Mythic
  • Ascendance also has a very friendly group of social members who take part in other raids/events. If you are looking for a place to hang your hat, and would like to be part of the community then feel free to drop us an application noting a "social" app. You never know, you might want to Raid in future.
    Where to Apply
    If you want to be a part of Ascendance's future success, please complete an application on our website: ascendance-eu.com.
    Alternatively, you can contact any of the Guild Council in Game for a chat.
    Contacts: GM: Nidromel, Council: Breezie, Devout, Sarmis, Stokley, Stormcaller#2781, Suigeneris
    looking to progress on mythic Odyn tonight - interested in joining then get in touch
    Another mythic kill done tonight - still looking for more people though
    Working our way towards Mythic, but need 1 or 2 more players for the roster.
    Updated our recruitment wants
    Still looking for a top Shadow Priest for our team.
    Updated requirements and progress
    Updated progress
    Updated recruitment
    Looking for that elusive Demon Hunter, along with a quality Shadow priest
    Still looking for DH & SP for our progress raid team!
    Raid tomorrow night for anyone interested in trailing
    new progress update along with recruitment needs.
    Looking for more dedicated players for mythic
    Updated recruitment and progress - we should kill the next one soon after a 1% wipe in the last raid!

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