Would You Date The Character Above You #3.1415

Argent Dawn
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We continue!
All these horns do not look inspiring. They might stand there for a more metaphorical meaning. Maybe that's why demon hunters are not much into dating?
And why would you ruin your elven face like that? Furthermore, I'd rather to look at someone's eyes. Else, how else can I see my image while speaking to them?
Weren't you a dragon?

Because I'm very interested in dragons.

Not like that way. But... Wine?
Found the Jaina fangirl.

Also thats a no.
Y'know, I just can't see it happening. Gnome.
Well I never said no for a handsome bloke like you.
You stole the name of a Gnome.

You might have some tricks to show me in order to get me some money.... Mh.... I would say..... You're too green and alive, so no.
Yeah alright.
we could blindfold you and i can put on a deep voice? maybe you could forget i am a roastie <3
I am not one for fel infused elves, but there is just something about you that makes you special.
Is it the horns that feels like I could hold on them?
The cute eyes of yours?
[low] the chest...
Who knows? We have to find out, but I can already see that your pants want to be on the floor of my bed room, just look at them! The loneliness is tearing them apart, end their suffering and let their dream come true!
nope! this elf freightens orc! D:
Silastar turns towards a friend, speaking in a refined thalassian.

"A brutish, green-skinned individual just invited me on a date. What an example of an envious, savage race aspiring for a beauty they shall never achieve. A shame they are allies, for I would have turned him into a pyre of burning ash for this umbrage."

Silastar turns his face towards the orc, replying in orcish.

"Thank you for the kind interest, mister. However, I am not that type of elf."
Ah finally the server is here. Could you hold on that dinner for a bit longer? My date hasn't arrived yet it would seem.

Sigh and waits alone at her table for two.
Well helloooo you. I can be your house carl~
I think this date would have grave consequences.
Love the smell of rotting flesh when you're on a date. - Would.
I'm worried.
17/01/2017 09:18Posted by Averta
I'm worried.

You don't have to be. I got flare, I got traps! Nobody is going to sneak up on us!

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