Would You Date The Character Above You #3.1415

Argent Dawn
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I think i have a rose somewhere just for you, sweet thing!
Hairy heathen, begone.
Heathen! Wait...No...Uhhh...Bah! I just kill you and drink from your skull.
Only if you have a buddy called "Metal".
No. Too shiny, would never get any sleep.
Emm.. sorry. Your mask looks too scary- Probably won't be able to sleep next to you. O_O'
You look pretty and fair. Want to join me on an adventure? You might explore something new.
Of course. Why, if not for your disturbing lack of face tendrils, you'd easily be the up there with the most handsome draenei on the planet.
It is disturbing to see Two same looking goats. Well, all the goats look the same. No.
You blood elves all look the same too, so no. I'd rather date a male Orc.
you don't have to say that again
Can you at least send a love letter to Rogmasha so I can rule by her side?
You're not a female bloodelf, but you got the same horns physically that they got verbally.

So why not, we will have a good moo-d on our dates.
2demon4me...but i will give it a shot!
2human4me buuuuuuuuuuuuut.
2furry4me but I'll at least hold back on making a steak joke.
You're not an undead bloodelf, but you look similar, so yes.

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