Legion PvP Season 1 Rewards Update

Shortly after this week’s re-distribution of PvP rewards, we discovered a bug that had caused Alliance players’ rewards to be re-distributed based on the Horde ladders. While many players still ended up with the correct reward, some received rewards at a higher or lower tier than they had earned.

On European realms, this bug resulted in too many rewards being distributed for Alliance players, which means that some players were given a reward at a higher tier than they had earned. Although this is clearly due to an error on our part, we felt it would be unfair to those who had legitimately earned those titles to allow others to keep them, especially at the higher levels of competition. As such, we’ll be applying a hotfix with the next weekly maintenance that will correct this, and remove those rewards from the players who had not earned them. Those players will be given their correct rewards at that time.

To help provide clarity, here are the final rating cutoffs that were necessary to earn the Gladiator, Vindictive Gladiator, or Hero of the Alliance/Horde titles on these realms in Legion Season 1:

Gladiator: 2435
Vindictive Gladiator: 2730
Hero of the Horde: 2426

Gladiator: 2661
Vindictive Gladiator: 2971
Hero of the Alliance: 2555

Thank you again for your patience as we work to ensure that players are rewarded fairly for their efforts in Legion Season 1.

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